ED BYRNE - Roaring Forties

Glenroy Auditorium, The Dunedin Centre, 1 Harrop Street, Dunedin

12/05/2015 - 12/05/2015

Q Theatre, Rangatira, Auckland

05/05/2015 - 10/05/2015

Isaac Theatre Royal, Christchurch

13/05/2015 - 13/05/2015

NZ International Comedy Festival 2015

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A self-confessed “miserable old git” since the age of 23, Ed Byrne is now in his forties. While for others this might result in a crisis that prompts the purchase of a sports car, Ed embraces middle age with open arms.

Come join him, as he truly comes of age and gives out his clarion cry: “I am in my forties. Hear me roar!”

Comedy’s holy grail… Go see!” – 4 Stars, Sunday Times, UK

Byrne is at the top of his game” – 4 Stars, Sunday Telegraph, UK

Jokes come so fast that hecklers don’t have a chance to get a word in edgeways” – 4 Stars, The Times, UK



Tues 5 – Sat 9 May, 9pm & Sun 10 May, 7pm


Rangatira at Q Theatre, Auckland


Adults $45.00
Conc. $39.50
Groups 6+ $39.50* service fees may apply

Bookings: 09 309 9771

Nationwide from  Sat 25 April – Sat 23 May


TSB Theatre, New Plymouth
Clarence Street Theatre, Hamilton
Glenroy Auditorium, Dunedin
Baycourt Theatre, Tauranga
Capitaine Bougainville Theatre, Whangarei
Floor Pride Marlborough Civic Theatre, Blenheim
Isaac Theatre Royal, Christchurch
Theatre Royal Nelson, Nelson
Napier Municipal Theatre, Napier


Adults $45.00
Conc. $39.50
Groups 6+ $39.50* service fees may apply

Comedy ,

1 hour plus

Shredded it Bro!

Review by Sharu Delilkan and Tim Booth 07th May 2015

There’s no doubt that Ed Byrne has definitely roared into his forties. His entrance onto stage began with a hiss and a roar and what followed is testament that he has totally embraced entering his fourth decade on this planet.

Unlike other comedians who take a few minutes to warm up when they get on stage he just gets right down to business without hesitation. His ability to belt out joke after joke without missing a beat for more than 70-minutes solid is nothing short of remarkable. [More]


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Observational, relatable, hilarious

Review by Stewart Sowman-Lund 06th May 2015

It’s clear from the onset that Ed Byrne really knows our country. Throughout the 80-minute gig, there are tales from 17 years of guesting at the New Zealand Comedy Festival, anecdotes about visiting Auckland’s Western suburbs and even Oamaru gets a mention. Ed Byrne could be an honorary New Zealander, or, at least, after seeing this latest show, Roaring Forties, I’d certainly be happy to have him stay in NZ for as long as possible.  

As the title indicates, Byrne’s latest show is centred around aging; specifically, life after 40. Being in the minority age group in this audience, that being ‘under 20’, means that for me the gig works as an almost cynical foreboder of the future. For the rest of the audience, perhaps it is a cynical look at reality. Whatever view is taken, the consistent and raucous laughter that emanates through Auckland’s Q Theatre indicates that Ed Byrne is popular with all age groups present in the almost capacity crowd. 

Byrne is a seasoned performer, as shown through his calm and well-managed performance and his interactions with the crowd throughout the show. He is always polite and friendly, and many of these conversations lead to improvised side-tracks, which are always funny. This is the mark of a truly professional performer; one who can be distracted from their main message, yet make it appear intentional.

Punchlines are unexpected. He lulls the audience into a false sense of security before hitting them in the face with something brutal, honest and hilarious. The comedy itself is observational in style, strung together with brilliant anecdotes and lots of little bites targeted at the New Zealand audience. His attempt at our accent is particularly clever.  

His stage presence is commanding, making the use of what is quite a sizeable stage for stand-up comedy.

Ed Byrne’s Roaring Forties is comedy at its best; it’s observational, relatable and, most importantly, almost always truly hilarious. I cannot recommend this show highly enough.


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