Ethnic Cleansing: THE SECOND COMING

The Transmission Room, Auckland

24/05/2007 - 26/05/2007

NZ International Comedy Festival 2007-09, 2013

Production Details

written and produced by Ruven Govender, Nathan Matthews and Masud Milas

Tres Mulattos Enterprises prersents

Ethnic Cleansing: THE SECOND COMING

The stars of 2006’s “Ethnic Cleansing” – decided that one time was just not enough. These golden boys of comedy have returned for yet another Festival season of laughter and merriment.

Just when you thought comedy was reaching its cultural quota limit Ethnic Cleansing has returned with an incandescent fusion of comedic style one can expect from this power trio. With humour as diverse as their ethnic backgrounds, no subject is safe.

Ethnic cleansing is an original comedy show, which is part of the New Zealand International Comedy Festival. The show is written and produced by Ruven Govender, Nathan Matthews and Masud Milas. These boys first burst onto the scene with an epic show in the Class Comedians showcase of 2004. They returned a year later with an impressive performance in the show “The Graduates”. They made a triumphant reprise with their brand new show “Ethnic Cleansing”. Due to last year’s success and sell out season they’ve decided to return with a brand new spin on last year’s concept.

Catch these three comedic amigos before they truly hit the big time. It won’t be long before they’re household names – so get in before ticket prices go up!

NOMINATED – Best Newcomer NZ International Comedy Festival 2005 (The Graduates)
FINALISTS – The Classic RAW Quest 2005 (Nathan Matthews, Masud Milas)
SOLD OUT SEASON -NZ International Comedy Festival 2006 (Ethnic Cleansing)

Dates:  Thur 24 – Sat 26 May, 10pm
Venue:  The Transmission Room, Cnr Mayoral Dr & Queen St, Auckland City
Tickets:  Adults $15 Conc. $13 Groups 10+ $13
Bookings:  Ticketek 0800 TICKETEK (0800 842 5385)
Show Duration:  1 hour

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1 hr

Jobbing standup

Review by Nik Smythe 26th May 2007

Three twentyish lads, who between them comprise Indian, African, Mâori and Kiwi mongrel, cut their teeth on local turf with a show that entertains, and challenges just a little bit maybe, albeit in the usual sorts of ways.  Confronting racial issues through various related topics – terrorism, politics, charities, advertising, school, etc – the young cocks flourish their tail feathers for the approval of their intended mates, in this instance being the adoring paying public.

A short screening of skits involving the boys up to various forms of mischief, not least dressing up in gorilla suits and accosting innocent folk on the street in a crudely homemade Candid Camera or Trigger Happy TV style, precedes the main live event. 

The chosen emcee on opening night is black-porcupine-headed Masud Milas, a tall, dark, strange ‘Afro-Kiwi’.  I’ve encountered Milas once before, to a much less appreciative crowd whom he practically put to sleep due to his low-vibe, economically worded (like me, no?) infatuation with particularly trivial issues of superficial relevance.  Tonight it’s more effective, the subtlety not so lost, and it goes somewhere.  I won’t say where because you have to be there. 

After his opening bit Milas introduces Ruven Govender, whereupon Nathan Matthews takes the stage, introducing himself and apologising for the emcee’s obvious smoking habits.  You couldn’t write this stuff!  I mean, you could, but who would? 

Matthews has a noticeably more highly strung personality than the disaffectedly non-plussed Masud.  There is a likeable freshness to him which carries his act to a great degree, and he’s respectably honest throughout about how he thinks his gags are going down, or not.  Technically he has a strong performing energy, although his impressions of CCF’s Jeriteech (did I spell that right?), the Islamic terrorist on flight 93, even the angry weetbix, all sort of melded together into a generic kind of hip gangster thing. 

Macud bridges the middle of the show with dissertations on Governor Arnie, World Vision, Wendy’s and really important proper-noun type issues like that.  Then it’s time for the real Ruven Govender, a pocket-sized South African Indian migrant in a white muslin shirt.  He has a more upbeat demeanor than Milas whilst sharing his valiantly laid back attempts at artful understatement.  Riffing on such ethnically topical subjects as naan bread, racism, Indian stereotypes, high school and Howick, his pleasant wit generally has the desired effect. 

All three whippersnappers have their ups and downs, with Matthews being the most apologetic.  Altogether they coped well with a small audience in a huge festival and a few more years of the laborious torture that is jobbing standup should see them up there with the creme de la chocolate.


Precious May 29th, 2007

It's a pity Nik didn't see the Saturday show! The future of NZ Comedy is in safe hands with these 3 ethnically different funny men. 3 very different approaches to comedy. Look forward to next years show. Well done boys!!!!

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