Returning for a much anticipated second season, catch Caitlin Davey,Lydia Connolly-HiattCushla RoughanRodney Tyrell, and Reece Adams in their debut contemporary dance work that will intrigue yet satisfy.

Fabricate is about madness, obsession, the effort to communicate, and an endless power struggle. We build things from nothing only to tear them down again, continuously creating and destroying, constantly shifting from one section to the next, always taking unexpected turns.
Set to an original score by Caspar Connolly, get up close with this intimate, moving, and all-consuming work.

A post-show forum and artist talk follows the performance on Tuesday 11 October.

“Confrontational and intricate” – Theatreview

“Urgency, love, fear, angst, nostalgia, it’s all in there… Powerful, earnest, humble… enduring.” – Daily Blog