Q Theatre Loft, 305 Queen St, Auckland

18/10/2014 - 18/10/2014

Tempo Dance Festival 2014

Production Details

HighJinx Aerial Arts Youth Company presents Fingerprints; a glimpse into the murky world of adolescent identity shared through a unique blend of dance and aerial circus art. Fingerprints is a collection of genuine and relevant expressions of self-discovery from a group of talented young females. Moving beyond stereotypes of ‘teen issues’, the work explores the depth and range of experiences that young people have in establishing themselves in their worlds. Artistic directed by Carlene Newall and Eve Gordon and choreographed by the young company members, Fingerprints is a beautiful and engaging blend of acrobatic strength, agility and honesty.

The combined works for this show are an inspiration for young women to look more deeply at themselves and their enactment of a new generation. It is an extraordinary feat to make theatre work that fully understands the haziness and fragility of girls growing up and Fingerprints succeeds.

(Felicity Molloy, Theatreview 2013)

60 mins

Enchanting acrobats and aerialists

Review by Kerry Wallis 19th Oct 2014

The audience is enchanted right from the moment the theatre doors open as six young female performers entice you in to their circus world. You are instantly aware that these artistes are incredibly talented as they swing, move and contort themselves on four various aerial acts.

The lights dim and the performers come down from their ‘acts’ to one by one take off their jewelled masks and fall down to the ground. Chalk is nearby as the performers outline their fallen bodies immediately making us aware of the concept of the show as they remove ‘circus clothes’ and place them within the outlines. These outlines become erased and re-drawn as the piece unfolds and we see them struggle with finding their ideal body image, what it means to be both a girl and a woman simultaneously and quite literally in that particular moment – how to fit in.

All six are very strong performers and each have their own unique quality they bring to the stage. There is playful exuberance and by the end of the work, the entire stage is littered with various objects, including remnants of popped balloons.

We are taken on a journey of friendship, old and new, perhaps too much teen angst and a thought posed – ‘If I was a teenager again’ (by performer Marvynne Harriet-Walker) which leads to each of the young female performers having their own solo to show case their skillset. Interspersed with acrobatic skills are nice dance routines and clever moments of hilarity – at one point the figure of, what seems to me,  a ‘perfect man’ is created from boxes.

On a journey guided by two characters – portrayed by the performative talents of Harriet-Walker and young Lola Farquhar – Fingerprints is a noteworthy show and a pleasure to watch on a Saturday afternoon. 


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