F**king Clowns and Other Hobbies

The Church, 50 Dundas Street, Dunedin

16/03/2017 - 16/03/2017

Dunedin Fringe 2017

Production Details

26 years young, and known to the law as Emma Feather Shaw, this young woman regularly takes to the stage as cabaret and comedy personality Feather Unsure. She has best been described as a ‘princess a Disney concept artist would come up with while trying to get themselves fired.’

After enduring a year of huge personal challenges, Feather takes to the stage in her first solo show — leading audiences on a journey through her life so far. There will be titties, swearwords, some pretty sad bits, that joke about the pie shop, and that one she promised that guy she’d never tell… Easing into the night with some meaningless banter about life as a sustainable bogan, her numerous international travel adventures, and how her ‘biggest hobby is probably banging hotties’, Feather also speaks candidly about difficult issues, like her recovery from a head injury, her battle with mental illness, and her father’s suicide in late 2015.

 An honest, raw, and entertaining romp into the mind of a young comedian, and how the opportunity to make others laugh keeps her going.

Theatre , Comedy ,

60 minutes

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