BATS Theatre, The Stage, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington

22/02/2023 - 26/02/2023

NZ Fringe Festival 2023

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Award-winning performance Flamencodanza – an inspired, powerful and elegant show of Flamenco dance and guitar by dancer Aylin Bayaz and guitarist Raul Mannola.

“A Platinum Medal for Flamencodaza” www.thetvolution.com, L.A.
“An audience favourite” Hudson Theater, Hollywood 

The show has been programmed in France, Spain, Italy and the USA.

With a trajectory of decades as a professional guitarist, Raul has an extensive discography of Flamenco and Jazz Fusion. The music is based on Flamenco, including modern elements and Brazilian colours.

The contemporary Flamenco dance of Aylin is made of strength, elegance and delicacy.

The show won the award of “Best Dance and Physical theatre show of the Hollywood Fringe 2022”.

BATS Theatre, The Stage
22 – 26 February 2023

Dancer Aylin Bayaz
Guitarist Raúl Mannola

Dance , Music ,

1 hr

A dazzling orange shawl flares around her articulate torso like a flickering flame

Review by Lyne Pringle 23rd Feb 2023

Flamencodanza – dancer Aylin Bayaz and guitarist Raúl Mannola stop off in Wellington in the midst of an international tour.  They create an authentic, richly visual and sonorous world in Bats Theatre. It is a simple format, a chair, a guitarist and a dancer, immersed in the articulate and intricate world of flamenco. Yet the form is wickedly complex as it seeks the ultimate expression of duende.

The guitar swoops and dives riding particular cadences, broken rhythms and accents. Notes are like drops of sporadic rain. Mannola’s left hand dances on the neck of his guitar, right hand plucking the strings and tapping.  His sound resonates in a synchronized conversation with Bayaz’s feet, arms and torso. She is resplendent in a red pant suit and black shawl (mantoncillo), with serpentine arms, expressive hands and intricate footwork (escobilla). 

Their presentation is traditional and low key; first a guitar solo, then the guitar calls in the dancer, then this structure is repeated throughout the evening. Their charisma and passion fail to reach into the auditorium until the second half of the programme. Unfortunately the lighting for the production is not in sync with them. No doubt this will improve as the season progresses.

Mannola makes contact with the audience after an exceptional improvised fusion solo which creates a luscious wall of sound. This interaction and explanation are welcome. Bayaz comes alive in her third dance when she emulates a more masculine form wearing a beaded matador jacket and high wasted purple pants. She has many  gorgeous costume changes.

Throughout the evening the variety of sound evoked by Mannola is exceptional as it incorporates modern elements and Brazilian flavours. 

Bayaz’s final dance is beautiful in a breathtaking black dress and vibrant orange mantoncillo.
Her feet move briskly with precision matching the percussive beats of the guitar whilst the dazzling shawl flares around her articulate torso like a flickering flame.Their season runs until February 26 and offers a rare opportunity to immerse oneself into the fascinating world of flamenco.


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