Flawless: Female & Artists Empowerment Concert

Galatos, Auckland

17/12/2015 - 18/12/2015

Production Details

Street Candee is a sizzling dance company based in Auckland, made up of twelve strong & versatile female dancers, always striving towards fulfilling our goals and dreams. Lead by Rina Chae who brings to NZ a wealth of knowledge and experience after a successful international dance career, Street Candee Dance Company not only delivers high calibre of show-stopping entertainment, but also delivers the purpose of the group; Female Empowerment.

The name of the show “Flawless” comes from the way women and artists are presented on the outside – living the dream, the glamour and the glory – but being “women” and “artists” we are actually covered with flaws and issues that test us everyday. The show is to reveal ourselves to you, the inner core layer of being female entertainers. We hope to take the audience through a self-reflective and sharing journey together, hoping to together encourage each other to let oneself shine through by gaining motivation for self-confidence and strength, and take a strong stance against largely underspoken social issues of domestic violence, tall-poppy syndrome, and self-devaluation.

“Flawless” is to take place December 17th & 18th (Thurs & Fri) 8pm, at the Galatos – 10 Galatos St Newton. It is a bar venue, so under 18s must come with parental guardian. 

Bookings: https://events.ticketbooth.co.nz/event/flawless

Creative Director/Choreographer: Rina Chae 
Dance Credits: Beyonce, Chris Brown, Neyo, Justin Bieber, Las Vegas Aria & Bellagio, US TV Shows & live shows
Choreography Credits: Kpop BoA, Kpop Steaphanie, Ricky Martin (NZ Xfactor), Savage (NZ X-Factor), KONUS urbanwear, FIFA U20, Vince Harder "Shot Me Down" MV
Assistant artistic director: Kym Ty
Dance Credits: the Jaackers (Auckland Waacking Crew), Triple8Funk Dance Company 
Street Candee Dance Company (Dancers):
Dance Credits: 
NZ X-Factor, FIFA U-20, PRIMO New Years, Air NZ Safety Video, Coca Cola Christmas In the Park
- The team is made up of serious professionals, whose dance credits vary from:
Cruiseships, Contemporary, Kapa Haka, and Hip Hop companies, China & Australia corporate shows, etc.

Dance , Cabaret ,

2 hours

Exuding feminine power

Review by Camelle Pink 18th Dec 2015

Galatos is packed. We are asked to shuffle along to let people who are standing get to the few empty seats. The projector screen lifts, revealing the attractive and provocative girls of Street Candee Dance Company clad in gold short shorts and white. We feel as though we have stepped onto the  set of a music video. The dancing is catchy, clean and fierce. The narrative captures a series of experiences from the actual dancers’ lives. It is heartening to see Rina Chae involving dialogue from international and local women who ground the show with real-world examples of being in the commercial industry, and sticking to your guns.

Flawless is an ambitious display which showcases the strengths of each dancer. The performers vary in experience, age and style strengths. Sometimes the concept/narrative is not well-matched by the movement. Perhaps this is impacted by the nature of commercial dance? Director and choreographer of Street Candee, Rina Chae, and artistic director and choreographer Kim Ty,  have created a fast-paced show that connects with the company’s central themes of empowerment, coming to know yourself, and helping each other shine.

The audience definitely enjoys themselves. There are some entertaining call-outs from people who evidently know the performers. Chanting, raucous laughter, and cries for encore pierce the proceedings. A special note goes to Rina’s friend Jaz who MCs the event. She is continually engaging, honest and amusing.

The performers are beautiful, and are mostly convincing in their presentation. Facial expressions slip at times into mechanical smiles, and in each number it isn’t always the centre front performer that pops. Although it is mentioned that some of the performers have not been in training for very long, I still would have liked to see fully extended knees and feet from the whole cast. Performer Laurent contributed spoken text and song to Flawless, demonstrating the variety of skills within Street Candee. One group that consistently shines is the Jaackers, New Zealand’s first waacking fam. Their energy and commitment to movement is energising. 

Overall it would be pleasing to see more dynamic variation. The highly energetic pieces are not always matched by some segments. The costumes showcase these women’s bodies in a way that fits with the industry they are in, although as a whole show I am not convinced that the costume aided the narrative.

Flawless focuses on women artists, evidences their challenges, reveals their flaws, celebrates being woman. It is party-like and entertaining. These women exude feminine power.


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