Fresh Talent Stands Up

The Church, 50 Dundas Street, Dunedin

17/03/2011 - 19/03/2011

Dunedin Fringe 2011

Production Details

AntiSocial Tap presents the best of Dunedin’s fresh stand-up comedy talent! It’s so fresh it’s still moving!!! But there’s no need to wash, chop or cook these comedians with three nights’ of capitulating comedy from Dunedin’s latest talent to hit the scene. The best will be presented by your M.C. for the night, Kathryn Hurst, for some styley fresh entertainment.

M.C Kathryn Hurst:
Founder and President of AntiSocial Tap, Kathryn started stand up comedy in Dunedin with the aim of encouraging new talent to shine. Starting in April 2009, Kathryn has since learnt the highs and lows of both organising and performing stand up comedy. Her ironic look on life, impressions and tales about the many ridiculous situations she seems to cause have entertained crowds in both Dunedin and Timaru. She is now proud to present AntiSocial Tap’s second showing of Otago’s finest comedic gems in the Dunedin Fringe Festival with AntiSocial Tap’s Fresh Talent Stands Up.

Comedians Involved:

Rob – Best. Dad. Jokes. Ever. Dunedin’s best comedic pun-maker. (Started Stand Up with AntiSocial Tap October 2009 at The Bog).

Thom – Full of quirky facts Thom spins a yarn worthy of a grandfather. (Started Stand Up with AntiSocial Tap August 2009 at Acadmey Cinema).

Finn – Enough dead pan wit to strip a wall of its paint. (Started Stand Up with AntiSocial Tap August 2009 at Academy Cinema). 

Travis – Take one event, add a Travis, get details worthy of a comedic genius. (Started Stand Up with AntiSocial Tap June 2010 at The Church).

Adamina – Aburdist thoughts make for a bubbly performance. (Started Stand Up with AntiSocial Tap September 2009 at Academy Cinema). 

Luke – Gore’s best stand up comedian. This young man’s potential with a down and out farmer’s speak style is off the wall. (Started Stand Up with AntiSocial Tap April 2010 at The Church).

Trubie – Observant, perceptive and wonderfully animated, Trubie makes fun of any and every situation. (Started Stand Up with AntiSocial Tap August 2009 at Academy Cinema).

Sam – From his witty word anecdotes to his visual demonstrations, Sam’s stand up is magnetic. (Started Stand Up with AntiSocial Tap April 2009 at Acadmey Cinema).

Hannah – Everybody loves Hannah Port! Her personality is the light and life of the stage. (Started Stand Up with AntiSocial Tap April 2009 at Academy Cinema).

Louise – Think dirty talk and add the jokes. This girl will get you giggling with her unabashed potty mouth. (Started Stand Up with AntiSocial Tap September 2009 at Academy Cinema). 

Abz – Always ready to make fun of himself and others, Abz breaks barriers with his perceptive observations and stories. (Started Stand Up with AntiSocial Tap April 2009 at Academy Cinema). 

Where: The Church Café, Restaurant and Cinema
When: 6.30pm from 17th – 19th of March 2011
Price: $10.00
Concession: $8.00
Tickets Available through TicketDirect 


A lack of atmosphere and punctuation

Review by Patrick Davies 19th Mar 2011

First show of the Fringe is always exciting and this is the first of a number of shows produced by AntiSocial Tap who have been providing comedy to Dunedin for over two years now. Armed with my glass o’wine I settle into the comfy seats of the cinema where they perform. It’s a late start and the air is somewhat free and easy, but there’s a chair and some balloons to liven the mood. 

Our MC for the evening is Kathryn Hurst, one of the producers and comics for AST. She wanders over to the mic and gets us going. Her style for the evening is very loose and it feels, as the evening goes on, that it’s all a bit last minute. There’s laid back and then there’s laid back.

With chat to back – well side – stage about what’s going on, and the lack lustre intros, I feel we’re in a friend-of-friend’s lounge on a Friday night more than at a Fringe performance. There’s a singular lack of atmosphere that is surprising and disappointing for a group that’s been around this long.

The lights are four par cans from the side – hey it’s Fringe, I’m not looking for vari-lights, but why not use the lighting bars or position the lights in such a way that whenever a comic comes close to the audience they don’t disappear into gloom. There’s not even a poster outside for those who are looking for the venue. 

Adamina Carden, Luke Dawson, Finn Sigglekow are the new blood and each brings a fresh energy to their style. Adamina has a bohemian chic; Luke exploits his small hometown. Both have material that is a little hit and miss but worth developing. Luke especially has a great connection with the audience and as his confidence grows he’s going to come up with some great set pieces.

Finn Sigglekow is the first to stand still and grab eye contact with the audience and so immediately stands out. He has a good sense of listening to the audience and playing along with them. Each show a lot of promise and I would rather have heard more than to take a break in the middle of a one hour show. 

Rob McLellan was the Antisocial Tap 3 Minute Man – I felt like you had to be there to get that one. A nice compact set of semi-rhetorical musings and wonderings in the style of Jimmy Carr. Nicely delivered and a good change of pace for the show. Very funny – which is always good. 

The evening ends with AntiSocial Tap regular Thom Adams. Thom displayed a lot of what the newbies needed to get past in their own sets. Delivered at a rather breakneck speed, a lot of punchlines whizzed past without taking time to let us in. Whether this was nerves or choice of delivery, Thom and the three newbies need to add commas, full stops, exclamation marks, pauses to shape their material. A bit of vocal dynamic work would go a long way too. 

I hope the newbies are on each night so they get a chance to gain experience and refine their material. And I also hope the standard of MC support and the lights get looked at. 
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