The Petridish 8 Stafford Street, Dunedin, Dunedin

22/03/2023 - 24/03/2023

Dunedin Fringe Festival 2023

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Tama Alexander Anthony-Whigham - Writer

Tama Alexander is an award-winning stand-up comedian and musician born and bred in Dunedin.

Having just completed his first year at the University of Otago, Tama has many stories (some good, some bad, all humiliating) about his time there.

Tama has a unique comedic style not found anywhere else. His youthful ignorance combined with expert timing, improvisation, and musical ability has made him one of the best local comedy has to offer.

The ticket prices are $20.00 general, and $15.00 concession.

Dates: 22nd, 23rd & 24th March in the Dunedin Fringe Festival.


Tama Alexander Anthony-Whigham - Performer/Comedian

Comedy , Theatre , Solo ,

1hr 15min

Unforgettable evening of laughter, songs, and storytelling

Review by Reuben Crimp 23rd Mar 2023

Last night, I attended the opening night of 19-year-old Tama Alexander’s solo show Fresher, an unforgettable evening of laughter, songs, and storytelling that left the audience in stitches. Sponsored by the ever-reputable Leith Street Liquorland, the perfect patron for a night drenched in spirited humour, high spirits, and hard liquor.

As I entered the venue, it became clear the crowd was buzzing with excitement. Many of Tama’s university friends packed the sold-out crowd, and as the show unfolded, it became quite evident that his entire family was there too, amplifying the already exhilarating energy in the room.

Tama’s act was an unpredictable odyssey of hilarious (and often embarrassing) stories about his life, his eccentric family, and his first year at university. He regaled the audience with tales of his parents’ questionable quirks, his sister’s adventures as a school teacher, and his own trials and tribulations as a Computer Science student with a penchant for alcohol.

The audience laughed nonstop as Tama shared moments of his life with us, including uproarious anecdotes like being apprehended by his own mother as he was “test-tasting” a chocolate-flavored prophylactic; his father’s antics with the family dog Charlie; and his sister’s need for bulk deodorant purchases.

The presence of Tama’s parents in the front row only heightened the hilarity, as they jested and interjected throughout the show. Their disruptive heckles were sharp, but Tama’s repartee was sharper. His glib comments questioning the stability of their marriage showcased their close relationship and lent the performance an authentic and heartwarming touch that left us feeling like part of the family, privy to their inside jokes.

Tama’s masterful storytelling was interspersed with comedic songs, including one number entirely improvised from audience suggestions – a true highlight of the show. Showcasing his musical talent, he played both the guitar and the accordion, adding another layer to his already impressive performance.

Tama Alexander’s show Fresher was a hilarious evening of comedy, music, and heartfelt storytelling. His ability to connect with the audience and share his experiences in a relatable, humorous manner made for an unforgettable performance.

If you miss Tama’s Dunedin Fringe show, fret not; there will certainly be many many opportunities to catch this rising superstar performer in the future.


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