Future Astronauts

BATS Theatre, Wellington

02/03/2011 - 05/03/2011

NZ Fringe Festival 2011

Production Details

Wellington’s latest Theatre Company, Involuntary Stage Rage, pulls together some of New Zealand’s best emerging artists to bring you a highly experimental, off-beat, peculiar, comical and extremely original new contemporary work. Mixing it up with dance, acting, acrobatics and poetry, you should prepare to witness the cutting edge of new arts practice. 

Future Astronauts is an exploration of the human race surviving in a world full of Scientific, Religious and Social manipulation. In order for us to discover our real selves, we must first destroy “our selves.” 

On the 2nd-5th of March, BATS Theatre will play host to a world of eccentric beauty, filled with bizarre objects, in which the performers will skillfully and ever so creatively interact with. 

Come join us
in the late hours of the evening
between the lines of reality and dream
watch us drink from the portraits
of all we could have ever been
see us hang them one by one from the ceiling
discard some arms and a leg
then we will run the bath
and let it flow
like the conversations in our head
that have not yet been said

Powerfully moving and articulately crafted, Producer/Choreographer Kyah Dove’s spectacular debut turns breathtaking imagery, accelerating dance and acrobatics, obscure acting, and way-out poetry into a show like nothing you have seen before. 

Future Astronauts is NOT TO BE MISSED!

Venue: BATS Theatre, 1 Kent Terrace, Wellington 
Dates: 2nd-5th March 2011 
Time: 8pm 
Price: $16/$14/$12 Fringe Addict 
Bookings: 04 802 4175, book@bats.co.nz, www.bats.co.nz  BOOK NOW!    

Fluid, emotional, exquisite to watch

Review by Amy Tait 03rd Mar 2011

As humans we are constantly being manipulated by the media, religious institutions, political motivations, and our peers. Kyah Dove addresses this manipulation in this truly innovative and unique show. The themes and ideas are powerfully moving, and accompanied by an array of acting and dance that is of an exceptional calibre. 

This hour-long performance takes the audience on a journey as it explores human survival in a society that is full of external influences and pressures. It looks at the façade that individuals project to the world, while denying the essence of their true self.   It suggests that to truly know who you are you must strip away and destroy the self that you have created in response to society’s manipulation.

Future Astronauts shows a poignant depiction of male and female interaction as it takes a comic, yet disconcerting look into the control that can manifest itself within the boundaries of a relationship. This is shown by the use of dog collars and leashes, along with an inability to speak. There was a lovely used of Pas de deux, with unique partner lifts and perfectly synchronised movement. 

In an intimate space such as Bats Theatre it can be hard to pull off a highly professional dance show, as the audience are privy to every detail of your movement. However, in this case the intimate space gives this performance power, as the dancers are flawlessly committed and connected with their subject matter from start to finish. The fluid and emotional choreography is exquisite to watch.
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