GEORGE EGG - Anarchist Cook

Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre, Auckland

03/05/2016 - 14/05/2016

Flick 2016 NZ International Comedy Festival

Production Details

Creasted and performed by GEORGE EGG (England)

One man … one hour … 3 courses … Comedy So good you can taste it!

Swiftly becoming the foodie face of UK Comedy, George debuts his award nominated and Edinburgh sell-out show ‘George Egg: Anarchist Cook’ at The Herald Theatre in Auckland on May 3rd , a unique highlight of the 2016 NZ International Comedy Festival programme.

Utilizing the mere amenities available in a standard hotel room, George produces a delectable 3 course meal whilst entertaining you with anecdotes, quips and a few hotel room tips. Forget ‘my kitchen rules’, this anarchist cook has no kitchen, and still rules!

He’s a comedian and a cook with an anarchic approach to making meals. Dissatisfied with the quality of room service food while touring the world’s comedy clubs, George embarks on a project to take matters into his own hands. This is a surreal mix of stand-up comedy, striking innovation and extreme multitasking. Whilst performing an hour of stand-up comedy George prepares a three course meal using the equipment the hotel unwittingly provides (including an iron, kettle and a trouser press). And if you want to, you can taste it at the end.

George Egg has been a prop comedian for over 20 years. He’s travelled extensively taking his absurd brand of far-reaching humour to Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Austria, France, Hong Kong and even India, both on stage and on the television, as well as being the support act for Lee Mack, Micky Flanagan and Jack Dee.

Winner of 2015 Spirit of the Fringe Award (a Merv) in Edinburgh

“…a show to tickle the imagination as well as the taste buds” The Scotsman

“Well-seasoned with foodie facts and some surprisingly spicy humour”  The Telegraph

“…an hilarious show, with surprisingly good food” The Times (UK)

Daily at 7pm – bookings


Full Price $32.00
Concession $28.00
Group 10+ $32.00

*service fee may apply

Comedy , Theatre , Solo ,

1 hour


Review by Nik Smythe 04th May 2016

Some people take their work home with them.  Perverse professional that he is, George Egg takes his home to work.  That is to say, hotel rooms throughout the UK and the wider world, which one might define as home when working on the road as a live comedy guerrilla chef.  Which he is.

Superficial variance notwithstanding, hotel rooms are essentially the same wherever you go.  The set is a fairly decent makeshift example with a large floral rug, bed (which Mr. Egg is comfortably snoozing on) and tables, with a couple of plants, ironing board and trouser press, kettle and of course the ubiquitous minibar.

A rousing orchestral score accompanies a dramatically sensationalist textual intro on the AV screen, and George rises from his bed all smiles and hard-to-contain excitement at the deliciousness ahead.  A quick science lesson about popcorn serves as a good sample of the kind of simple ingenuity at the core of this remarkably original and hilarious show.

In response to the overpriced nature of hotel food, Egg has developed a sort of urban survivalist cooking system using shop-bought and foraged ingredients to create properly mouth-watering meals.  At a relaxed but decisive pace we are given step-by-step demonstrations of an entrée, main course and dessert, entirely concocted with the resources available within the allotted space.

The process is rather comprehensive, utilising trays, kettles, wire coathangers fashioned into food preparation devices, irons, condiment sachets and edible pot plants, the list goes on.  All the while George regales us with his amusing anecdotes, life-hacks and many more anarchic cookery ideas.

One unfortunate staging flaw is the minibar being downstage left in front of the counter, the view of the kettle is obscured to about a third of the auditorium.  We can still follow what’s going on but it’s a shame not having the full visual closure during the ‘Plat Principal’, a fresh snapper poached in the kettle with salsa verde topping. 

Yes, it’s as delectable as it sounds.  As is the iron-toasted ricotta cheese brochette entrée and the hazelnut buttered pancakes with golden syrup.  Not for the vegans unfortunately, but apart from that the resourceful brilliance cannot be understated.

Forks are provided for keen patrons to sample Egg’s ersatz-epicurean fare post-show, and elegantly crafted recipe cards of the featured dishes can be purchased at a very reasonable price.  Go.


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