Q Theatre, Rangatira, Auckland

24/07/2015 - 24/07/2015

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For the first time ever, Snort, the cult improv phenomenon, is coming to Q Theatre. 

The Snort team has joined forces with All Good to bring the critically acclaimed improv show to Q for one night only, thanks to delicious Gingerella

Snort has been making stuff up for weekly sell-out audiences since 2013. Using audience inspiration, Snort creates insanely hilarious stories and scenes, just like magic! No two shows are ever the same, so if you miss the show, you’ll miss out forever. 

Ginger Snort at Q will be hosted by one of NZ’s best ginger comedians, Nic Sampson, and stars a supergroup of legendary Auckland comedians and improvisers including Rose Matafeo, Guy Montgomery, Hamish Parkinson, a special guest monologist (and beloved ginger) Jesse Griffin and more! 

One of the best things about Ginger Snort is that all proceeds go towards a good cause; going to festivals with a cast of eleven is expensive, so ticket sales from this show will help make sure Snort gets to fly the Kiwi Comedy flag at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2016. 

So… If you’re a longtime Snort fan, or you’re just keen to see what the fuss is about, Snort’s biggest show ever will be the one to see. Don’t miss out – we’ll see you there. 

“The team, all seemingly comfortable just bouncing off one another, follow any random idea to its logical (or illogical) conclusion” – Keeping Up With NZ 

The Snort cast also features some of the best young names in the industry; Joseph Moore, Laura Daniel, Chris Parker, Tom Sainsbury, Eddy Dever, Brynley Stent and Donna Brookbanks. 

It’s going be a fizzin’ good time, so get along and join us for the party. 

The Pantograph Punch reckons “It’s playful yet pointed, ruthlessly clever but never cruel, and creates the delightful sensation that you’ve slipped and fallen deep into the hive mind of Auckland’s best comedic talent.” 

Metro says “Late-night Snort improv shows are a hoot and attract a comic-cult following every Friday.” 

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Q Rangatira
Friday Jul 24 2015
Ticket price:$15-$20 (service fees apply)

Presented in association with: Gingerella Ginger Ale
Produced by: Snort Comedy Ltd -
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A fabulous hole to disappear down

Review by Kathryn van Beek 25th Jul 2015

What happens when you combine long-running late night improv show Snort with the organic, fairtrade ginger fizz Gingerella?

Ginger Snort, that’s what – and although it sounds quite disgusting, the one-off show is as hilarious as it is delicious (there is some divine Bluebells Cakery ginger crunch in the goodie bags).  

The fun starts in Q Bar where the Gingerella crew are out in force maximising the audience engagement by ‘ginger-ising’ the crowd.

The fiery theme continues in the theatre, with ginger-ised portraits of comedians Nic Sampson, Rose Matafeo, Guy Montgomery, Hamish Parkinson, Joseph Moore, Laura Daniel, Chris Parker, Tom Sainsbury, Eddy Dever, Brynley Stent & Donna Brookbanks and Jesse Griffin flashing up on screen to the soundtrack of ranga-related songs.

After an introduction from red-haired host Nic Sampson, the evening takes the form of four next-level versions of the theatre sports game Space Jump, each preceded by a monologue inspired by a word from the crowd.

During the first monologue, which centres around the word ‘toothpaste’, a wired Chris Parker reveals little-known toothpaste facts before the full Snort troupe take to the stage and draw the audience into an alternative universe where toothpaste rules the black market.

Guest monologuer (and ginger ninja) Jesse Griffin gets around the small detail of the definition of the next word – colposcopy – by telling the gripping tale of a Polish boy named Col Poscopy, which plays out over a backdrop of emotional weather events. 

Next Guy Montgomery tells a story about popcorn, and describes in intricate detail how the ‘butter’ is actually coloured talcum powder. Naturally the re-enactment of the monologue involves flashbacks, flashforwards, undercover police, and a star turn from Rose Matafeo as a police officer / caretaker / stoner.

Jesse Griffin takes to the stage again for the final story – based around the phrase ‘bladder pressure’ – and gives the cast plenty of material to work with. There is some outstanding (if rather R18) physical comedy in this section – notably the moment when a sports bag is unzipped and a cohort of anthropomorphic rugby balls rolls out and seduces The All Blacks.  

The Snort gang generally perform in the smaller, grungier environs of The Basement Theatre, and they seemed excited – if slightly nervous – to be playing on the big stage at Q. But disappearing down the Snort rabbit hole on a Friday night is a fabulous end to the week regardless of the venue.


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