Go on Waiting, Circustown

Maidment Theatre - Musgrove Studio, Auckland

30/06/2010 - 10/07/2010

Production Details

After living in Circustown his entire life, Colter starts to wonder if everything he’s been told about the world outside is really true. Are there really Cons out there? Will they kill to you or lie to you? Of course they will; Michael said. Still…

WHEN: Wednesday 30th June, 2010 – Saturday 10th July, 2010, 8pm.
WHERE: Musgrove Studio, Maidment Theatre, cnr. Princes and Albert Streets
ADMISSION: $20 Adults; $15 Students, Senior, Unwaged, UoA Staff & Industry
ONLINE: www.maidment.auckland.ac.nz 
OR PHONE: (09) 308 2383

Cast – Jeremy Wilmshurst, Steve Ciprian, Rowland Stirling, Cherie Bradshaw & Tom Parker.

Lighting Design – Michael Forkett
Set/Costume Design – Ben Anderson, Robert Anderson & Doron Semu
Producers – Ben Anderson & Doron Semu
Lighting Operator - Michael Forkett

Questions of belief, values and trust explored with fervour

Review by Shanon O'Sullivan 02nd Jul 2010

Who are real consumers or ‘cons’? How often do we take things at face value, and how strongly does this influence our views and judgement of people within society? Furthermore, how do our environments and the way in which we live, influence others? These sentiments underlie the production Go on Waiting, Circustown, by emerging playwright Ben Anderson and director Doron Semu.

Young lads Colter (Jeremy Wilmshurst), Jonothan (Rowland Stirling) and Len (Tom Parker) have grown up within the fold of Circustown where Michael (Steve Ciprian), their guardian, has led them to believe that all people are ‘cons’ and no one is to be trusted. His philosophy appears to have worked to the point where these young men convey that they don’t even trust each other as they belligerently challenge one another from the outset.

The young and spirited Colter feels a great sense of injustice at being kept within the confines of Circustown and is eager to spread his wings in the big wide world or ‘people mill’, as he calls it. Jonothan strongly believes Circustown has all they need, and has no desire to leave its boundaries. Len disagrees with Michael’s philosophies and has no time for either Colter or Jonothan. 

Fiery confrontations ensue between Colter, Jonothan and Len as their distrust of one another boils over to breaking point in which bloodshed and escape are intertwined and someone is killed. Colter leaves Circustown behind him in search of fun and brighter things in the ‘people mill’.

Friendship blossoms when Colter meets Leah (Cherie Bradshaw), who after much persuasion convinces Colter that not everyone falls within Michael’s stereotypical assumption. Leah patiently takes the intensive Colter under her wing. With the passing of time Colter returns to Circustown with a fresh, positive perspective on people and life, and confronts Michael.

Colter relentlessly badgers Michael until Michael reveals the real reasons behind his conviction and his evident distrust of people.

Go on waiting, Circustown is an original tale presented with fervent performances. Dynamic relations between characters are evident and a sense of mystery prevails until, when it appears his world is falling apart, Michael reveals the underlying basis for his resentment towards consumers or ‘cons’.

The vigorous bang of balloons popping from Colter heightens his frustration within his initial environment, and when Michael smashes the porcelain clown upon the desk we share his anguish.

The relationship between Colter, Jonothan and Len is somewhat unclear to begin with, as are the motives for their accusations and distrust towards one another. However, as events unfold we are drawn into Colter’s journey and what is ultimately revealed.
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