Good Enough?

The Forge at The Court Theatre, Christchurch

16/09/2006 - 30/09/2006

Production Details

Written and performed by Robbie Hunt
Directed by Patrick Duffy


Rodney Oaks is a young man who – like so many before him – has always dreamed of being an All Black.

Since his father put a rugby ball in his cot he has followed this dream relentlessly: through disappointment, success, injury and always waiting for that elusive “shot”. When the chance comes, Rodney finds himself at a crossroads: he may just have what it takes, but is he Good Enough?

A mixture of comedy and drama, exploring the very real issues many aspiring athletes face on and off the field, this show of two halves is a fantastic, funny and moving exploration of one man’s pursuit of a dream.

Theatre , Solo ,

1 hour 20 mins, with interval

Balls with heart

Review by Steve Thomas 20th Sep 2006

There’s a show just kicked off at the Court Theatre that will appeal to a rugby crazy town and I don’t mean my own home town of Cardiff Wales but this town of Christchurch Canterbury.

It’s a NZ rugby expose and solo performance written and performed by Robbie Hunt and directed by Christchurch’s own cleverfool Patrick Duffy.

The set is a simple grass pitch and posts lit by the magic of theatre lights and the gravity defying antics of the actor are worth the price of admission alone.

It’s called Good Enough? and gets inside the heart of the sport. It’s not all sweetness and light but it is revealing and hugely entertaining. The actor may not have played a game of rugby in his life, as he maintains, but he certainly conveys an athleticism and energy that would match any Canterbury clash.

Good Enough? is based on Robbie Hunt’s younger brother’s stories, now playing rugby in London. It’s the universal story of one man’s pursuit of a dream.

The actor and writer is a Christchurch lad now based in Wellington and I urge the town to support and enjoy this local product, which runs till September 30th.

You’ll come out muddied and limping but with a wide grin. It’s a winner in two halves. And you get an orange at half time!


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