Old Folks Association Hall, 8 Gundry St, Newton, Auckland

05/03/2013 - 09/03/2013

Auckland Arts Festival 2013

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2012 NZ Fringe Festival winner (‘Best Newcomer’ for ‘Honey’ / ‘Outstanding Performance’ Nominee) Virginia Frankovich (‘Black Confetti’ – Auckland Theatre Company) and Phoebe Mason (‘Confessions’ – Benjamin Henson; ‘Beyond the Blue’ – Red Leap Theatre), invite you to immerse yourself in the tale of ‘GORGE’ from the 5th – 9th of March, 2013. Inspired by the obsessive nature of human consumption, Frankovich and Mason, along with director Benjamin Henson (‘Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris’; ‘Confessions’; ’Titus Andronicus’; Turn of the Screw’) have devised this twisted tale to deliver you a sensory feast.

Be led on a journey to a land of gateaux and blancmanges – when appearance was everything and substance was secondary; when morals were loose and status reigned supreme; when a dark underbelly thrummed beneath delight and wonderment. Through emotion, physicality, and personal experience, the ensemble delves into the depth of the human psyche and questions the need and nature of consumption. Rivers of cake batter, towers of marshmallow fondant, spits of roast pork, and the feeling of watching someone devour something you cannot have.

That said, the audience won’t leave the show empty-stomached.

‘GORGE’ will take you on a journey of excess and frivolity and leave you with a bittersweet aftertaste.

Frankovich, Mason and Henson have a record of thought-provoking devised work- not shying away from the dark and grotesque whilst never neglecting that cherry on top.

Come join the banquet.

There will be food. There will be blood.

Auckland Fringe runs from 15 February to 10 March 2013. For more Auckland Fringe information go to www.aucklandfringe.co.nz  

GORGE plays:
5TH – 9TH March, 8pm
Duration: 45 Minutes.
Venue: Old Folks Association, 8 Gundry Street, Newton
Tickets $13, Concession $10
Book now through iTicket www.iticket.co.nz  

45 mins

Darker themes beneath the pink

Review by Nomi Cohen 06th Mar 2013

It is Molly’s birthday and she is having a carnival theme party run by the lovely Pick and Mix who have organised a luscious spread of cakes and sweets. But there is something not quite right …

Phoebe Mason and Virginia Frankovich move beautifully between different characters at the birthday party, with an incredible commitment to making each character come to life, whether it be the father who brings joy to the party, entertaining everyone as a clown, or Molly herself opening her presents. A bit of audience participation makes it all the funnier when Molly isn’t satisfied with her presents.

I particularly enjoy the flies which buzz around the room, settling in different places and then back to the treat they have found at the party.

Phoebe and Virginia are very specific about each character and the way they move, which makes the show easy to watch and fully engaging. There are a few moments where you might feel a bit confused as to why the section is relevant, however the performers are so skilled at making each of the different stories come to life, that you are still transported and hanging on every word.

This show is a beautiful example of how elements of exaggerated physicalisation can really work. Not only are the characters easily distinguished, but the whole show feels surreal as the performers create interesting shapes and positions with their bodies.

Something must also be said for the treats we are given throughout the whole experience. Upon arrival we receive a small bag with candy and a token to be redeemed at the treats table. You can choose from beautiful cakes and slices and they all looked delicious. Within the show we are also given numerous things from the performers themselves, however it is up to you whether or not to trust what Pick and Mix have just given you to munch on.

I am very impressed by the transformation of the Old Folks Association Hall: the performance space is laden with giant lollipops and cakes and presents that transform into various objects throughout the show. I must commend the creative team and their fantastic use of polystyrene as a material to work with.

Devised by Virginia Frankovich and Phoebe Mason and directed by Ben Henson, Gorge is very creative and enjoyable, a lovely experience with a few surprises – and darker themes. Don’t be fooled by the pink and joyous atmosphere: this is not one for the faint of heart.  


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