Guru Dudu's Silent Disco Walking Tours

Christchurch City Centre, Christchurch

19/01/2024 - 28/01/2024

Bread & Circus - World Buskers Festival, 2024

Production Details

Guru Dudu (the creation of David Naylor)

A hilarious dance-walking tour of spontaneous flash-mob dancing through the streets of Christchurch.

The Guru Dudu team return to New Zealand after their sell-out success at the 2023 Buskers Festival.

A favourite of Edinburgh Fringe each year, this is a hilarious dance-walking tour of spontaneous flash-mob dancing through the streets of Christchurch.

Think – interpretative dancing around landmarks, group singing and lots of fun interaction with onlookers.

Everyone wears headphones (supplied) and can hear the fun commentary from your guides and their dance mix of uplifting favourites from the 70s to current.  

No wonder it’s taken the world by storm – book early to avoid missing out!

Tours start from Cathedral Square. Multiple sessions daily.

Guru Dudu are a company of performers and facilitators who are passionate about using play, love an laughter to engage people towards greater connection with themselves, each other and the outside world.

Comedy , Music , Physical , Theatre ,


Life-affirming Silent Disco Tour spreads joy and good vibrations.

Review by Sophie Ricketts 22nd Jan 2024

Ōtautahi, get ready to sweat, strut, and boogie your way through the central city in what can only be described as the most fun you can have in public. This silent disco event was a part of the festival last year and what a treat to have them back again spreading joy and good vibrations wherever they go.

I am lucky enough to join a Saturday afternoon session and though I start the session with just one friend by my side, 60 minutes later I feel like our entire group have just become friends with one another. I usually think of listening to music in headphones as a pretty private experience, but there is something unusually freeing about it becoming the link between all of us in the group. Our ringleader, the incredible Mr Motion, leads us through a gentle warmup and teaches us some basic moves, but it isn’t long before we are all freestyling with our own special flare as we keep a gentle pace down the city streets. Banger after banger plays and he has us singing, pointing and twerking with reckless abandon. We interact with strangers, get a lot of applause from pedestrians, and even have a couple of randoms join us for a boogie! 

I realise that some of what I’m describing might be causing concern for some of you as you read, and you might even be thinking “this sounds like the stuff of nightmares”. But if you are someone who loves to move, joining in this journey simply couldn’t be better for your physical, mental and emotional health. I shed two tears of joy as it ends, I am so moved by the rush of endorphins and the feeling I’ve just been a part of something that is pretty precious.

Being a member of Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Walking Tour is truly life affirming and I recommend that anyone and everyone who can afford a ticket and can comfortably walk 1km should book for one of the remaining sessions in the festival. You’ll have the time of your life as you go dancing in the streets of this funky town. Some practical tips: wear shoes which are comfortable for pavement walking, avoid bringing any type of backpack or large bag, and keep your keys/wallet in pockets because you’ll want to have your hands free for all the gestures! 


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