Circus Bar 17b Allen Street, Wellington

11/03/2021 - 13/03/2021

NZ Fringe Festival 2021

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Comedy. That’s what Shannon Basso Gaule knows. He’s been living and breathing comedy since arriving in Wellington two years ago. He’s been in some of Wellington’s biggest comedy shows, as well as producing his own (Three Absolute Legends, Line ‘em Up, and Lucky to Be Here ) giving chances to other up-and-comers.

He also hosts the podcast What Am I Doing? available on Spotify.

Now, Basso Gaule is giving us a half-hour set. He’s half in. Then he’s half out and the stage goes to Michael Macaulay.

Michael is a seasoned comedian who won Becks Beer Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Fringe back in 2001. He’s been in Wellington a while and regularly wows audiences with his wit. He’s also got a Very Serious Job in the real world.

Keeping the two of them in check is local legend Kate Spencer (MC, comedian, poet, producer). They may be Half In/Half Out but they’re giving it their all. Don’t miss this, it’s going to be an absolute treat.

Circus Bar, 17b Allen Street, Te Aro
Thursday 11th – Saturday 13th
Tickets: $15/$11
BOOK: https://fringe.co.nz/show/shannon-basso-gaule-_-half-in-half-out

Shannon: Won NZ COMEDY Guild Best Newcomer Lower North Island, Best out of Towner The Comedy Hub, Nominated for Best Up and Comer and Outstanding Achievement at Wellington Comedy Awards 2020, Nominated for Best Male Comedian by Cartel Comedy, Finalist in the Mtm Newcomer Competion 2021.
Michael: Won Becks Beer Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2001, Best MC 2020 for Cartel. Kate’s first solo show, Squirt, won an NZ Fringe Tour Ready 2019 award; also nominated for Best Organised Chaos.

Theatre , Stand-up comedy ,

1 hr

A fun show in a gorgeous venue

Review by Maryanne Cathro 13th Mar 2021

Stand-up comedy isn’t generally my thing. I mean, it would be, but it’s so hit and miss. Like ordering lemon meringue pie off a menu – it’s always lemon meringue pie but it can be out of a box, or too sweet, or not sweet enough, or the meringue is too soft or too dry … you get the idea right? So, I don’t generally order it unless I’ve tried it before, and likewise I am very picky about what stand-up shows to go to or review. Because it may not be my kind of pie, I mean comedy, but someone out there will love it. Right? And yet, here we are.

If Shannon is reading this by now he’ll be worried. But it’s OK. This show is like one of those dessert plates where you get samples of different types, and whatever your preference, you’ll like something on it. Buckle in because I’m going full Dessert Metaphor on this show.

Kate Spencer is hosting so we get an amuse-bouche of her several times. And she is an oral delight. Fruity and surprising, with big flavours and surprise moments of tang, she melts on the tongue like a fresh sorbet. I’ve seen Kate in a few things this Fringe and she’s always on brand and always worth revisiting!

Shannon Basso Gaule has us with his Irish lilt and self-deprecating humour. In spite of being strictly a no alcohol beer drinker, which is a great vein of humour in itself, he is the tiramisu, the crème brulée and the rumbaba of our dessert plate. Those rich, dark flavours feel so right! Great timing, just the right amount of self-deprecation flamed to a crispy shell on top.  

Michael Macaulay’s humour is … well not my thing. To labour this metaphor to the bitter end, it is to me like a steam pudding that has been sliced, freeze-dried and layered with pickled kumquats by an ambitious chef who puts together delicious things that maybe oughtn’t go together. I found myself picking it apart with my fork and laying the less palatable bits aside so I could enjoy the other bits.  

As I look around the audience, some people are tucking into everything with gusto. Some are picking and choosing from the plate, but different bits. Everyone loves the Kate sorbet. There’s definitely a steam pudding and pickle fan or two!

I mean, I chose to describe it as dessert, and so clearly I enjoyed it. It’s a fun show in a gorgeous venue – my first time in the quirky Circus Bar – and if you are a stand up comedy lover, I am sure you’ll lick the plate.


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