HARLEY, NATASHA & ISAAC - What It All Comes Brown To

Q Theatre Cellar, Auckland

09/05/2015 - 16/05/2015

NZ International Comedy Festival 2015

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Harley Ofoia, Natasha Hoyland and Isaac Brown are constantly competing. They just don’t know what they’re competing for. So they’ll be battling it out on stage with lovingly crafted jokes, insane word play, sad stories, happier stories, and badass songs in the hope of laughter and a prize. It’s a battle of the complexions!

Very Funny. Lost my sh*t at the last gig. No seriously, I lost my bag.” – Nick Rado

Facebook: /WhatItAllComesBrownTo



Sat 9 & Sat 16 May, 5.30pm


Cellar at Q Theatre, Auckland


Adults $20.00
Conc. $15.00
Groups 6+ $15.00* service fees may apply


09 309 9771

Comedy ,

1 hour

A humble comic offering by imminent comedians

Review by Aminata Hamadi 09th May 2015

What It All Comes Brown To is a laid back show made by three friends – Harley, Natasha and Isaac – and you’re invited onto their shenanigans. Watching it is like sitting around the living room sipping hot chocolate while your cousins try their jokes on you. Occasionally something hilarious emerges out of their rambling and the hot beverage you’re drinking leaves your mouth in a spray of mist – but only occasionally. 

Being in an intimate setting nothing goes unmissed. The trio begins their set with a rendition of Sam Smith’s Stay With Me accompanied by the instrument that needs no skill whatsoever to play: the triangle. While keeping to the same tune, the lyrics mention fees, food stamps and John Key.

Natasha Hoyland’s set sees her venting about food and the lack of romance in her life which is no doubt fuelled by the passionate displays of love we’ve seen on The Bachelor. Hoyland is witty and her puns are cleverly constructed however it would be nice to see her deliver the content with more enthusiasm, clarity and confidence. Still, you’ll walk away never being able to hold a straight face the next time you cook or take a bubble bath.

Isaac Brown puts his failed attempts at luring in the female to his abode on show – which will resonate with any audience. He also weighs in on our fascination with superheroes, Olympic sports and games night with the royal family. All of which is amusing.

Harley Ofoia on the other hand does a great job of interacting with the crowd in his performance. He’ll make you question the choice of music at a funeral and wonder about that cute nickname you give your sugar pie honey bun.

These three imminent comedians are better together. Their interpretive dance segment extends into the audience and is full of awkward yet entertaining movement. A rap-off which morphs into something resembling spoken word poetry is the masterpiece of this set. It would be great to see more of this included in their performance.

Overall, the show was a humble comic offering by Harley, Natasha and Isaac but this festival is a great platform for them to refine their craft, put away the notebooks and get comfortable being in front of an audience. I’d definitely encourage you to go along and champion the comedians who will be putting you in stitches in the coming years. 


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