Hootchy Kootchy Goes Latin

Toto’s restaurant: Monte Cristo Room, Auckland

24/10/2009 - 24/10/2009

Basement Theatre, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland

31/10/2009 - 31/10/2009

Tempo Dance Festival 2009

Production Details

The Hootchy Kootchy Girls Burlesque is back and hotter than ever!

This year it’s Hootchy Kootchy Goes Latin with numbers from Italy to South America. Don’t miss this exciting show combining old favourites and new treasures.

The Hootchy Kootchy Girls Burlesque is an American-style Burlesque company that combines cabaret and Vaudeville with old Hollywood glamour and tantalising tease.


Performance Times:
Saturday, 24 October 2009:  9pm
Saturday, 31 October 2009:  9pm

Toto / Montechristo Room (24/10)
53 Nelson Street
The Basement (31/10)
Lower Greys Ave, City Centre

Tickets $35-$45 Dinner & Show $95-$120
Online: www.eventfinder.co.nz
Email: tickets@nzburlesque.co.nz
Ph: 021 743 447 

Alluring performances

Review by Venus Stephens 26th Oct 2009

The Hootchy Kootchy girls have me feeling a little tentative; I descend the stairs into the foyer of the Montecristo Room on Nelson St and immediately feel a like a flower… the ‘wall’ kind. Draped around the room are the best dressed.  Well coiffured women and smartly attired men.  Eye-candy, dressed 50’s style.

My ego is on full vanity alert, if this is tonight’s audience, the Hootchy Kootchy Girls will most definitely be ‘bombshells’.  Suffice to say I am fully conscious of my choice of attire, sensible beige skirt, orthopaedic style peach coloured heels and bad hair day beret; nice

This evening’s patrons are encouraged to write their details on a tab for the chance to win one of two complimentary bottles of wine. My friend Sarah and I do so then proceed to weave our way through the sexy people to find the gracious and gorgeous Hootchy Kootchy Queen, Erin, who, after seating the VIP tables, kindly returns to escort us to a table.

The show kicks off at 9.30pm, a delay of 30 minutes from the advertised time of 9.00 pm. Time is not of the essence tonight, after all, it is Labour Weekend and the evening mood is pliable with wine and light conversation.

Preliminary to the Hootchy Kootchy Girls entrance are the Lemon Honeys, a cheeky, attractive trio who slink onstage, microphones in hand, to sing out in Andrews Sisters style. This is pitch perfect cabaret at its best.  Alongside the lovely Lemon Honeys, MC Tony Bambini is a visual treat, complete with Tuxedo garb, aviator glasses and Fez hat. He is jovial and charming.

The Hootchy Kootchy Girls alight onto the stage to the upbeat warbling of Mambo No.5. The cafe service styled choreography is a clever introduction to all of the revue’s dancers.

Distractingly beautiful, Judy Garment enters in character as the brusque Boss Lady of wayward ‘waitresses’ Arabella, Amelie Rose, Lola Pearl and Ruby Lee, who play up their performance with flirty glances and teasing shimmies. They dance their way through the song brandishing silver platters and suggestive smiles.

The show continues in this way amongst a series of skits. Tony Bambini segues int the interval with styled jokes via the vocal stylings of the Lemon Honeys.

Latina themes imbue the Hootchy Kootchy Girls’ choreography with a funny, bright and whimsical dimension. With a well-chosen soundtrack, I feel an easy inclination to sing along to Doris Days ‘Perhaps’. Under the guise of such swoony tunes, the Hootchy Kootchy Girls personas treat the audience with alluring performances: a sensual fan dance swathed in blazing red, a comical take-off of a tipsy bride draped in virginal lace undergarments, holidaying women foreigners on the lookout for romance and mischief in equal measures.

Special mention on the billing is made of a ‘Surprise Guest’; the performer in question has tonight’s audience entranced. Both Sarah and I are not hesitant to mention that although we are heterosexual women, we are not immune to the sensual trickery of another woman’s beauty. I will hint that this evening is her debut performance, and will only elaborate that the Hootchy Kootchy Girls have a Halloween show scheduled for The Basement on October 31st where n0 doubt she is scheduled to make an appearance alongside all the resident Hootchy Kootchy favourites.

Sexy and funny, the Hootchy Kootchy Girls are versatile with an abundance of personality; they execute a strong comic element in the show with much aplomb. Matched well is the unaffected delivery of their comedy, no words are spoken, humour is communicated through the choreography.

Their costuming is colourful and simple; the outer garments are, after all, a mask to the beautiful lingerie and curves beneath. Sarah is impressed with the fair representation of varying physiques within the Hootchy Kootchy Girls camp, from svelte to voluptuous; it is wonderful to see most body shapes represented. Our table companions Ellen and Karen enjoy the chaste boundaries the dancers perform within (Ellen being the grandmother of a 17yr old). Although they perform in various states of undress, it is all poise and no nudity.

The Hootchy Kootchy Goes Latin revue has been a success, so much so Sarah has mad designs on coaxing me to join her in the Hootchy Kootchy Burlesque class for beginners.  Lastly, I am sheepish to report that I won the second draw for the evening’s complimentary bottle of wine. I felt very guilty accepting it since, as a Reviewer, entry to tonight’s show was also complimentary.  I am grateful as always for the privilege.

Hootchy Kootchy Girls Halloween will perform as part of Tempo 09 at The Basement in a special Halloween Show on October 31st. Tickets: nzburlesque.co.nz and www.eventfinder.co.nz.
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