How to be a Domestic Goddess – La Revue de Cuisine

Expressions Arts & Entertainment Centre - Upper Hutt, Wellington

26/02/2010 - 28/02/2010

NZ Fringe Festival 2010

Production Details

Crows Feet Dance Collective, Wellington’s unique community dance group for mature women performers, has turned its attention to the culinary arts in a hilarious new dance work How to be a Domestic Goddess-La Revue de Cuisine. 

Director and choreographer, Jan Bolwell, plays Nigella Lawson. “I am a fan. I think she is a wonderful personality.” The dance is structured around one of Nigella Lawson’s cooking shows, and the Crows dance their way through the making of pastry, cupcakes etc. accompanied by words of wisdom from ‘Nigella’.

“The idea for the dance came from our socialising. Crows Feet often has get-togethers away from the studio where we sample each other’s latest creations in the kitchen. We decided it was time to make a dance about cooking and baking.” 

Jan Bolwell discovered the perfect music for her new work. La Revue de Cuisine is a ballet for six instruments by the Czechoslovakian composer Bohuslav Martinu written in 1927. “It is witty and lively with elements of jazz underpinning the score- delicious to dance to.” 

This year for the first time Crows Feet Dance Collective are taking their programme to Expressions Arts and Entertainment Centre in Upper Hutt.

Says director Jan Bolwell: “We wanted to reach out to a new audience in Upper Hutt and are delighted to be performing in the beautifully appointed Genesis Energy Theatre. We hope our regular Wellington audience will come out to Upper Hutt to see our show, and to discover the delights of the Expressions Arts and Entertainment Centre.”

Expressions Arts and Entertainment Centre
836 Fergusson Drive Upper Hutt
Friday 26 February 8pm
Saturday 27 February 3pm
Sunday 28 February 3pm

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04 527 2168 or (booking fees apply)

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Bookings open on February 1st (04 527 2168) 
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From loss, hardship and strength to infectious energy and enthusiasm

Review by Amy Tait 27th Feb 2010

Crows Feet Dance Collective’s How to be a Domestic Goddess – La Revue de Cuisine, directed and choreographed by Jan Bolwell, is a performance of three contrasting dance pieces that effectively showcase a variety of styles.

The moving and expressive opening piece, ‘Leaving Home’, is performed to ‘Kilt’ by David Downes. Jan Bolwell recreates her great, great, great Grandmother’s journey from Scotland to Australia. The simple and effective choreography shows the trials of such a demanding journey, depicting loss, hardship and the strength of the pioneer women. 

The middle piece, choreographed by Tania Kopytko, gives those new to the collective an opportunity to perform. It is a simple and effective contemporary dance number to ‘Invocation’ by M McGlynn.

In the third and final section, ‘How to be a Domestic Goddess’, the cast is having as much fun as the audience and their personalities are infectious. The Crows Feet Collective believe that dance should be accessible to everyone who has a passion for it and their energy and enthusiasm spills from the stage. The music, ‘La Revue De Cuisine’, by Bohuslaf Martinu, fits perfectly with the fun and energy of the peice.  

The choreography is outstanding throughout. Jan Bolwell manages to complement the less experienced dancers while showcasing the ability of those more skilled. The dancing is not restricted by any conventional expectations; it is creative and original. The success and impact of the show is a testament to Bolwell’s skill as a choreographer.

Jan Bolwell herself is captivating. Her dance personality is enchanting, and she has a wonderful rapport with the audience. Her ability to switch from the intensity of ‘Leaving Home’ to her comic portrayal of Nigella Lawson in ‘How to be a Domestic Goddess’ is exceptional.

The costuming is well suited to each piece. In ‘Leaving Home’ the cast remove garments of their colonial attire at different stages of the journey, while the aprons and mini skirts in ‘How to be a Domestic Goddess’ add to the fun.

The evening concludes in the foyer with cupcakes, tea and coffee. The predominantly female audience is full of smiles as they mingle with the cast; a great way to conclude a unique and entertaining evening.
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