The Paintball Corp, 84 Willis Street, Wellington

10/03/2015 - 11/03/2015

NZ Fringe Festival 2015 [reviewing supported by WCC]

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NotreVie Productions’ debut set to question instincts. 

I Predict a Riot is NotreVie Productions’ first foray into the frenzy of the Wellington Fringe Festival. The promenade piece takes the audience and thrusts them into the darkened maze of the Willis Street Paintball Corp’s arena.

“Modern audiences are smart,” Producer Jessica Old explains.

“They’ve seen it all and have high expectations. But how will they react when the tables are turned and the choices are theirs? For our debut we want to create something unique and risky, a phenomenon we find fascinating, hence where the idea was born”.

I Predict a Riot is a physical experiment in risk, a choose-your-own-adventure challenge. The promenade piece plays with choices in the face of the unknown and what we can learn from our instincts. It encompasses the idea of risk-taking and explores what motivates people to risk more or less in the face of winning or losing.

“The unknown is a key character in I Predict a Riot.

Making choices when you’re unsure how it will affect outcomes, who or what might be right around the corner. The dynamic quality of our devising and the interactive aspect of this means we, as actors, are also experiencing the unknown right there with the audience. D-Day is fast approaching, where will you be when the riot hits?”

The Paintball Corp, 84 Willis Street in the Wellington CBD
[3-4 cancelled due too injury], 10-11 Mar 2015
at 7pm
A$18.00 | C/Stu$14.00
Tickets will be available from the Wellington Fringe Festival website closer to the date at $18 each and $15 concession.

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An excellent, high-energy game for grown-ups

Review by Phoebe Smith 11th Mar 2015

I Predict a Riot at Paintball Corp’s Willis Street building is a fantastic concept with a rollercoaster delivery – moments of greatness and patches of flaws. This reviewer is loath to give too much away, as the element of surprise is vital in this interactive piece of physical theatre. 

The audience members, who have been pre-warned to wear sensible shoes, are initiated to their new world quickly, pulling giant overalls over their clothes and chaperoned into a large – but contained – concrete space before being given their initial instructions.

We are told to separate into 4 groups based on colours that we have been assigned. At this point I must admit that my companion and I decide to be rebel forces, believing this to be a fair and appropriate choice. As it turned out, this was NOT a good choice to make and I advise that future audience members DO NOT make it! A more highly structured and explanatory beginning would have helped us to start off on the right foot. 

Having said that, this is great fun. We are sent off to tackle a series of tasks under high pressure (specifics may spoil things for future audience members) and essentially are treated to an excellent, high-energy game for grown-ups. Anyone who misses their favourite uncle who played with them as a child should get along to this.  

The performers (who remain anonymous) are largely successful in corralling and frightening their crowd. Again, a higher level of exposition and a greater ability to improvise would enhance the audience experience.  

It is invigorating to experience theatre that is vibrantly different and that incorporates the audience so deeply. This group of creators have taken a lot on and I will look forward to experiencing their future productions.


Aaron Alexander March 31st, 2015

"anything involving improv...obviously requires sober participants" Wait, what?!


Editor March 11th, 2015

Please note: Paintball Corp has a NO ALCOHOL policy (which includes ‘pre-loading’) for the safety and enjoyment of all customers. Apart from the nature of this particular show, anything involving improv and interactivity with the audience obviously requires sober participants.

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