Whitireia Performance Centre, 25-27 Vivian Street, Wellington

25/02/2016 - 27/02/2016

NZ Fringe Festival 2016 [reviewing supported by WCC]

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Life-changing resolution inspires Cabaret show  

“Henderson was likeable indeed in an original show filled with self-deprecating humour and music from shows, films and even oratorio. Beautifully accompanied by musical director Fiona McCabe.”

“Bravo!” – The Star

An epiphany and the resulting change that altered vocalist Jason Henderson’s life trajectory is at the centre of a one-man cabaret show being performed in the NZ Fringe Festival. 

I think you’ll like this… incorporates a diverse selection of music from film, Musical Theatre and further afield woven into a narrative to recount a personal story of facing fear and self-doubt to find one’s path and pursue big dreams.   

Of the epiphany, Jason reflects, “I’d been working in a secure and sensible office job for a few years, and all of a sudden I saw that I had a chance to realise dreams that I never thought possible – if only I would take the leap into the unknown.”

Looking at the many small events that lead up to making a major change in life, I think you’ll like this… is imbued with a feel that is both eclectic and gently nostalgic. The music included ranges from Disney film songs and movie themes of the 1960’s (including Born free, New York, New York and Moon River) to an Irving Berlin Medley, and even an American Spiritual. 

Joining Jason onstage will be Musical Director and piano accompanist Fiona McCabe. The pair have worked together previously on several projects, including this one. I think you’ll like this… was previously been performed in Dunedin where The Star reviewed: “A thoroughly enjoyable hour of music and fun earned Henderson and McCabe a thunderous ovation … Bravo.”

At turns hilarious and unexpectedly moving, I think you’ll like this… is an uplifting and inspiring account of the triumphs and tribulations of finding your path and following your dream.

To its audience it gently asks, and provides space to consider, – Is it time that you tried something new? 

I think you’ll like this…
Whitireia Theatre
25 & 27 February, 7pm
Tickets from fringe.co.nz 

I think you’ll like this… is one of three shows that Jason Henderson and Fiona McCabe perform during the NZ Fringe Festival. They also appear in:
Cake, Tea & Courtship: Songs of the 1920’s Feb 12 & 13
and the cabaret show There’s Nothing on TV Feb 24, 26 & 28.  

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Conceived and sung with great taste and sensibility

Review by Michael Gilchrist 26th Feb 2016

A piano, a pianist, a bar stool, a gifted entertainer. What’s not to like? If you are a fan of shows that do a lot with a few high quality ingredients then I think you’ll like I Think You’ll Like This.  

Beautifully accompanied by Fiona McCabe, who also provides the excellent musical direction, Jason Henderson links some well-chosen standards, mainly show tunes, with some lesser-known numbers in a slyly humorous narrative.

The story is all in the telling, but essentially it traces the ups and downs of Jason’s love affair with singing in the years leading up to his recent decision to commit full time to his art. 

This performer’s strength is his ability to communicate with the audience, to convey the songs and the story – and, of course, to devise a thoroughly charming show.  The songs all come as deft turns in the narrative, throwing a new light on the situations described. That story is at once emotionally authentic and wonderfully playful. At times, when Jason has his flow on, the combined effect is quite magical. It is somehow like being in a live, one person Wes Anderson movie. 

I suspect the whole show could fly on this plane but at times the performer’s memory and concentration are spread a little thin. This is no doubt a result of Jason doing no less than three shows in this festival.  In more technical terms, the performer has a lovely warm, light baritone with very clear articulation. Often, though, he covers too much on the higher notes and I am sure he is working on breathing deeper for a bigger column of air and relaxing the arms and torso around it, particularly the jaw and the wrists.

The excellent ‘negro spiritual’ number shows what he can do when he amps up his technique and cuts loose. The opening ‘Ugly Bug Ball’ and the later ‘New York, New York’ were both also great, in their very different ways. And who can argue with ‘Moon River’ as the final number, as Jason launches out on his dream? Here it is sung, as the show is conceived, with great taste and sensibility. You just know this performer is never going to try and sing you ‘Summertime’. 

Seriously though, there is something unique Jason Henderson can bring to the theatre. It has to do with the writing and devising of the material as well as a superb stage presence. It’s hard to capture this ‘something’ in words. It’s not faint praise, for example, to say that this show feels like it is the perfect length. With work, this sweet spot can only enlarge. 


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