Middleton Grange School Performing Arts Centre, Christchurch

29/09/2015 - 30/09/2015

The Body Festival 2015

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Jolt is an integrated dance company made up of people of all ages and abilities. Established and developed in Canterbury, our dance classes and performances are based on the belief that disability is not a barrier, but an opportunity to create works that reflect the unique qualities of our dancers: works of human warmth, vitality and depth.

Illuminate is our annual show featuring all nine of our classes and with guest choreographers Aleasha Seaward, Maddie Krenek & Fleur deThier.

Joyful, moving and challenging Illuminate is a celebration of dance and diversity.

Suitable for all ages the performance will also feature a special performance by Touch Compass Dance Co. 

Company Jolt
Venue Middleton Grange School Theatre, 27 Arthur St.
Date/Time Tues 29th Sept at 6.30pm Wed 30th Sept at 10.30am & 6.30pm
Duration 80 mins
Tickets $15 & $5 (kiwiable leisure card holders, children under 15). Door sales only

Integrated dance/mixed ability dance ,

80 mins

Lighting a lamp for others

Review by Sheree Bright 30th Sep 2015

The programme notes share with us, “No one lights a lamp in order to hide it behind the door: the purpose of light is to create more light, to open people’s eyes, to reveal the marvels around.” Paulo Coelho. Illuminate began with the idea of light and all the pieces explore its different qualities, both physical: colour, shadow, movement and intellectual: to reveal, enlighten, make resplendent.

The show is dedicated in memory of valued Jolt member, Ged Crawford, 2005-2015.

Illuminate celebrates the unique qualities and often vibrant, sometimes unpredictable personalities of the dancers. It’s not long before incredibly genuine, warm, delighted smiles are ignited throughout the full house audience as Jolt, once again, with their combination of enthusiastic mixed ability performers takes to the stage. Like a gentle breath of wind, a Jolt performance instantly dissolves walls of separation and barriers to joy. It gets right to the heart of something valuable and meaningful.

The evening starts with a stunning tribute piece to Ged. Specially created lights that fit into the palm of the hand, bring a sense of wonder as the dancers both manipulate and respond to the light. The lights also seemed to represent the light or spark of soul each of us carries within, that magic we may share with others.

There are eleven segments choreographed by Jolt founders Lyn Cotton and Fleur deThier along with guest choreographers including Maddie Krenek, Aleasha Seaward and numerous others. Many beautiful moments are created throughout the evening by the interactions between the performers as they respond to the various elements of light and sound. Special lighting effects are designed, created and operated by Sean James. The lighting effects frequently serve as focal points for the dancers to relate to on their own or with other dancers to create some magical moments and are an integral part of Illuminate.

One of the memorable performances is the frequent appearance of assistant teacher and choreographer, Phebe Mander, whose graceful presence onstage (and from the film, in the classroom) virtually glows. She does a beautiful, nearly horizontal air turn which adds to her many demonstrations of accomplishment as a young dancer. Another memorable moment was with dancers Parisa and Stephen. Parisa sits downstage right on a chair expressively and beautifully moving her hands and arms.

Music and sound through the evening is enjoyable and varies in style, including live percussionists in the “Pacific Beats” segment. Drummers Abraham, Peter and Javan bring real excitement and energy as they inspire and relate to the dancers on stage.

Another of the evening’s highlights was seeing the film footage of Hallelujah by Rick Harvie, and by Eugene Lee of the various ongoing Jolt classes. Along with Lyn Cotton, the extraordinary tutors are Renee R, Megan, Alys, Avril, Kylie, and Renee B, with assistants Adelaide, Phebe and Michael. Jolt Dance is clearly about so much more than their consistently delightful performances. The mere existence of Jolts classes and programmes throughout the year brings an extraordinary contribution to the community that is immeasurable. How do you quantify the pure joy, warmth and sense of community emanating from the tutors and students? It is difficult to put into words.

An announcement at the end of the performance by Board of Trustee Chairman, Derek McCullough, informs us that Jolt could use an infusion of financial support or help with promotion and fundraising. A significant shortfall in funding keeps people on waiting lists for classes and hinders growth of the many programmes offered. So, if anyone is looking for a chance to contribute to something wonderful and rewarding, Jolt is certainly deserving.  Contact or (03)388-2807

Like the intrinsic brightness of a star, Illuminate by Jolt Dance gives the viewers a chance to let go of worries and woes to experience pure, unencumbered delight.



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