In 200 Minds

Basement Theatre Studio, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland

22/08/2023 - 26/08/2023

Production Details

Performed and choreographed by Katie Shaw

Katie Shaw

Join Katie as they fearlessly navigate a world which is both confronting and boundless, through their debut solo performance, In 200 Minds. Observe as they face the daunting task of shouldering the burden of existence, stumbling and falling along the way.

Katie is in 200 minds, seeking an answer, aching to get life perfect. Aching not to upset anyone in the process. Watch them try to carry the weight of the world. Watch them fuck it up. Watch them fail miserably. Watch them. They just want to be seen.

Surrender to the sticky and joyous complexities of existing in a world that envelops you completely. Rediscover the notion that every decision, every fleeting moment, holds immense importance. Embrace life’s infinite power and beauty. In 200 Minds is a show for the uncertain. The overwhelmed. The queer. The forever young.

Katie is waiting for you.

In 200 Minds premieres at Basement Theatre:
22nd – 26th August, 6:30pm
Tickets are Choose What You Pay!

Sound design by Stenn Francis Deare
Creative advisory by Jess Crompton
Visual design by Lauren Buer
Graphic design by Lulu Qiu
Produced by Tessa Redman

Dance-theatre , Dance , Solo ,

50 mins

Shaw holds this space with clear embodied presence and intention in each gesture.

Review by Teianna Chenkovich 23rd Aug 2023

An altar of cracked walnuts (collected from the Katie Shaw’s family tree), apples, and lemons in various states of dismemberment are carefully arranged on an impressive stone that sits center stage. The lighting creates magic out of these ordinary offerings- a transcendental space for the performer/choreographer Shaw to inhabit.

Shaw moves between around, through, and against the space— alternating between moments of sustained meditation and joyful release. Dripping lemon juice, apple chunks, and sharp debris from walnut shells populate the intimate theatre and continue to build turmoil during the duration of the performance. 

There is an anticipation oriented towards the ingestion of these edible arrangements, and how it transforms the emotional quality of the movement. In 200 Minds presents us with the gritty fear, anger, joy, confusion, and euphoria that thoughts can bring into our life. Shaw holds this space with clear embodied presence and intention in each gesture. I was captivated by their ability to make eye contact with the audience and hold our gaze with a deep care. An apt reflection of our role as witness to this delectable enactment of failing. 

In this performance: the simple act of eating and enjoying an apple becomes an artifice to pleasure, juicing lemons using elbows as citrus reamers resembles a bitter realization, and forcefully chucking walnuts creates an image of casting aside logic. I am reminded of the visceral messy-ness of thinking thoughts and seeking answers with each bite Shaw takes of the scrumptious fruits. Thoughts are lived, embodied, and performed daily in cycles of mastication and digestion.


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