Intergalactic Space Pirates Puppet Show by Philip Lomas

South Dunedin Community Pop Up Hub, 199 Hillside Road, Dunedin

13/03/2018 - 15/03/2018

Dunedin Fringe 2018

Production Details

A ship full of pirates, Captain Jolly and thee were hunting for treasure and sailing the sea (as pirates usually do!). They were hoping for diamonds and gold wrapped in lace…. Little did they know, they’d soon end up in outer space!!! A playful puppet theatre is taking us on a quirky journey into the drawings of local Outsider Artist, Philip Lomas.

Runtime 1 hr

Ticket price range Free

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Theatre , Physical , Puppetry ,

1 hour

Lots of fun

Review by Mike Crowl 13th Mar 2018

Philip Lomas’ Intergalactic Space Pirates Puppet Show is traditional in many ways, with the puppets varying from fully-formed hand puppets to flat stick puppets. There’s lots of detail in their design. Changes of scene are achieved by painted cloths that fold over a screen behind the characters. A prison cell, a pirate ship and a rocket – made out of the reconstituted pirate ship – all make an appearance.

The story is lots of fun with various monsters and, of course, pirates. A mermaid plays a crucial role in solving the crisis between Neptune and Earth, and a narrator puppet keeps things moving along at a fair clip.

The story may be a bit too complex for small fry – the two who were sitting up the front took themselves round behind the scenes during the performance to check things out – and perhaps nothing’s quite technological enough for some older children.

I enjoy it; my only criticism is that sometimes the dialogue is rushed. This is a pity, because there are some good lines.

Lomas is to be congratulated for all the work he’s put into the show, and his three assistant puppeteers give him plenty of solid support. 


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