The Scruffy Bunny at Courtenay Creative, 49 Courtenay Place, Wellington

04/03/2019 - 06/03/2019

NZ Fringe Festival 2019

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Mackenzie Mckenzie is like, totez, the cutest girl EVER. TBH the fact that you are even asking who she is, is like, kind of embarrassing. But don’t make this about you – This is Mackenzie’s Show.

Join The PlaySpace Theatre Co. in exploring Mackenzie Mckenzie’s glamourous life – This larger than life character is created & performed by comedian Jess Jean and has gained rave reviews:

‘Hilarious & Empowering’

‘I loved it.’

‘Paying homage to the basic b*tch, with style, class and so much uncensored hilarity.’ 

Best Emerging Artist (nominated) – Palmy Fringe 2018

The Scruffy Bunny at Courtenay Creative, 49 Courtenay Place, Wellington
Monday 4 – Wednesday 6 March 2019

Theatre , Solo ,

1 hr

Unashamedly MeMeMe

Review by Margaret Austin 05th Mar 2019

At Courtenay Creative, Scruffy Bunny’s new space, there’s a small audience to welcome Mackenzie, blond and cheerful, as she flounces onstage. Mackenzie’s from Palmerston North, where they loved her. She hopes we will too. 

I’m not too sure about that when her first move is to invite an audience member to come forward and film her for a bit: a sign of self-indulgence that I hope is not going to be a hallmark.

Five minutes later, we learn why this show is included in the Naughty Bits section of the Fringe programme.  

During Mackenzie’s 60 minute performance, we are treated to some wise words about psychic help, why a diet of rose is desirable and the six reasons why people might hate you.

There are several costume changes, for which our performer disappears, leaving a somewhat bemused audience to listen to phone messages coming through from various parties who need to get in touch for increasingly intriguing reasons.

Some of the reasons are elaborated on, adding to our picture of Mackenzie as a girl to be reckoned with, as well as hard to get hold of.

Being the only performer onstage is a unique challenge: both personal and theatrical. At age 25, Mackenzie shows herself eager to take this up. We hear her reason for presenting herself as she does at the end.  Male comedians have criticised her for her moments of seriousness. I didn’t notice any – unless she means her closing plea.

It’s Mackenzie Country… Obviously! is aptly titled. It’s not a #MeToo show. Instead it’s an unashamedly MeMeMe one. 


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