Jim Brown - A Legend In His Own Bathwater

Fringe Bar, Cnr Cuba & Vivian, Wellington

12/05/2009 - 16/05/2009

The Classic Studio, 321 Queen St, Auckland

18/05/2009 - 23/05/2009

NZ International Comedy Festival 2007-09, 2013

Production Details

Last Year’s bridesmaid bounces back!

Jim Brown’s defeat in the 2008 Billy T Award has proven to be the catalyst for the global stock market crash, the downfall of George W Bush and the decline of the Australian cricket team.

Since which he has been on one triumphant, if slightly delusional ride which has seen him embrace and conquer Microsoft Office, Tantric Sex and Facebook while delivering cactuses in a very different economic climate; a heady cocktail for which he has been granted full New Zealand citizenship.

The New Zealand International Comedy Festival has been the constant thread in Jim’s life since the day he arrived in 2005,when within 3 hours of landing he headed downtown to take in a show during that year’s festival. This  planted a big enough seed for him to start stand up comedy in 2006 when he booked himself two nights running at The  Classic Comedy Club, largely on the old theory that if you "fall off the horse you should het straight back on". Within three months, and having ditched the horse entirely, he reached the final of the Raw Comedy Quest and from there won Nest Newcomer at the 2006 New Zealand Comedy Guild Awards.

In 2008, his debut solo show ‘ A Woven Hour’ was nominated for the Billy T Award and he appeared on TV3’s Billy T Awards show. Now Jim Brown returns with another Billy T Award nominated show " A Legend In His Own Bathwater’ which he wants to share with you  for five nights at The Fringe Bar in Wellington from May 12th to the 16th and back for a second successive year  for six nights at The Classic Studio in Auckland from 18th May to the 23rd    

Dates:  12th to 16th May inclusive
Venue:  The Fringe Bar
Tickets:  $18 ,$15 conc/groups
Bookings:  0800 TICKETEK

Dates:  18th to 23rd May inclusive
Venue:  The Classic Studio
Tickets:  $18 ,$15 conc/groups
Bookings:  0800 TICKETEK

A high note to end on

Review by Venus Stephens 24th May 2009

Jim Brown: teller of jokes, rouser of emotions and unlikely highlight of a Hens’ party. The spotlight is on him and he bathes the hour with his comical musings on everything from car repairs, a noted accreditation on paper and the old age side effect of not eating your greens.

From what I can gather, his Auckland season has been a success. Tonight chairs are squeezed in to accommodate the eager.

This is the last night of his showcase Jim Brown, ‘A Legend in his own Bathwater’. It is nice to be commended as a ‘better quality’ audience by the smartly attired ‘Jeans Friday’ Brown. Apparently a previous night’s patron was deficient in his expectations of the venue and by default Brown’s performance. One wonders if these comic charmers offer up lip service to give us audience members a ‘warm glow in the cockles’.

Nonetheless he has us engaged, some more than others; the bride-to-be in the audience is enthusiastic in her hecklings for Brown to ‘take it off baby!’ Their brief rapport raises the audiences laugh level an octave; it’s an enjoyable exchange that has me eager to see some more … banter, not skin.

Brown is deft at retaining control of his set and manages to contain her enthusiasm by deflecting attention to his relief at being back home in Auckland. He boasts hecklers should do so at their own peril and his point is accompanied by sound effects. Classy. 

Nothing is unworthy of the cufflinked comedian’s attention, even the select beverages in the Classic Studio’s bar fridge get a mention. 

He falters briefly during a quick Q & A with a rather demure lady in the front. His slip up of words with the hesitant recipient brings on another wash of laughter from all in the room. He has the PR ease of a person who knows how to make people feel at home.

The Official Comedy programme has the 2009 Billy T Award nominee noted as Best Gag nominee and Most Improved Comedian nominee for 2008.

His performance, for me, is a high note to finish the Festival on; I’ll be keen to what other comic tales he can foam up from the suds in future. 
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Likeable guy with droll material deserves his accolades

Review by Priyanka Bhonsule (Hutt News) 13th May 2009

It’s perhaps a sign of Jim Brown’s age or his style of comedy that he didn’t pick on any member of the audience even once. I was apprehensive to say the least when my friend and I were shown right to the front row; clearly we were going to be in Brown’s line of vision.

And we were, at times feeling as though it was only us he was telling the stories to but he assured us (the whole audience, not just me and my friend) at the start that he didn’t care about whether we were in a relationship or what our names or jobs were.

His comedy centres very much on him (hence the title of the show), his wife and kids, his day job (which he can’t quit because he didn’t win the Billy T last year) and becoming a New Zealand citizen (cue applause).

Brown’s set is like meeting up with a friend for drinks and he chats about what’s going on in his life with a few funny anecdotes thrown in, with the conversation getting funnier as the drinks flow.

A showy comedian he’s not and perhaps his style doesn’t sit well with everyone. While there were chuckles aplenty, there weren’t any raucous, belly laughs and I swear the elderly couple sitting next to me didn’t even crack a smile.

Brown is quite a likeable guy and his set never disintegrates into smutty or rude comedy, which is quite a refreshing change.

The only time he makes any sexual references (and involves the audience) is when he asks if we prefer lights off or on when ‘doing it’ and then goes on to demonstrate why he is most definitely ‘lights off’ – hilarious!

Brown only started his comedy career in 2005, was voted ‘Best Newcomer’ at the 2006 NZ Comedy Guild Awards and has been nominated for the Billy T Award this year as well.

With his self-assured, confident delivery and droll material, it’s not difficult to see why the accolades are heaping.
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