Basement Theatre Studio, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland

07/05/2013 - 11/05/2013

NZ International Comedy Festival 2007-09, 2013

Production Details

A jam-packed comedic and breakfast condiment sensation from the “two independently brilliant comedians” who brought you last year’s critically acclaimed Monkey Business.

Featuring the world’s first (and probably last) psychic toast reading, this will be comedy on a butter knife’s edge – not so much Toastmasters as the masters of toast, and jam.

Stand-up, songs, audience participation and anything else they can think up between now and the opening curtain.

Exploring the things that bring have brought us together as people since the dawn of time – our humanity and our tendency to heat bread and eat it with a variety of toppings.

In the beginning there was … light …ly toasted Vogels” – Genesis

I came, I saw, I conquered … the art of getting the toast out of the toaster without electrocuting myself” – Julius Caesar

Show me the honey” – Jerry Maguire

John Glass; a comedian and actor of many years experience in film, theatre and TV both in New Zealand and overseas. From MC and performer at The Classic, comedy festivals, Pulp Comedy to warm up guy for legendary comedy show The Panel (Melbourne) and appearing on Shortland St, John’s done it all (most of it). John also won “ Best Male Actor – Theatre” in 2010 for Pitman Painters.

James Elliott is a veteran of all things comedy; Writer for TV3’s award winning 7 Days program, co-host of the Late Late Breakfast Show on Radiosport and correspondent on The Week That Was segment on Radio NZ’s Nine to Nine,  alongside being a regular performer at The Classic.

Two independently brilliant comedians…some of the biggest laughs of the festival” (Monkey Business – NZ International Comedy Festival 2012) – 24 Days of Giggles

John Glass was by far the funniest – Capital Times

John Glass took charge the moment he bounded on stage… got big laughs – The Evening Post

As part of the 2013 NZ International Comedy Festival.


Dates: Tue 7 –  Sat 11 May, 8.45pm
Venue: The Basement, Studio, Level 1, Lower Greys Ave, CBD
Tickets:        $20 – $25 (booking fees may apply)
Bookings: 0800 TICKETEK (842 538)

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Review by Stephen Lunt 08th May 2013

Given our comedians’ names, it is easy to figure out how they came up with the concept.  Jam goes on bread …  As we walk in, we are greeted with a huge toaster centre stage, big enough for two people… or two huge slices of bread.

The show begins with a humorously ridiculous dance given that James and John do not seem to include dance in their usual repertoire.  We are told the show is about transformation and the beginning segment reflects this theme although seems a little unrehearsed.  They do not seem to completely commit to being the psychic characters they are playing and the reason for them being bread psychics is never explained, or even introduced.  But perhaps its impromptitude is its humour.

The show breaks into two stand up shows.  James focuses on his trip to Canada, the characters he meets and incidents he encounters.  Although a little nervous, there are some classic moments.  Perhaps it is the nerves holding him back but I see great promise in the characters he introduces and wish he’d play with them a little more. 

John’s routine follows a more well trodden path, investigating why he still has no girlfriend.  Perhaps his ‘shag and release’ system isn’t working.  I’m not sure whether it’s the character John is portraying but by the end song, we don’t feel sorry for him as much as want to keep away from him.  I’m always impressed by musical comedy, maybe this is an area he could develop. 

Both these one man segments seems to have nothing to do with the original theme of ‘transformation’.  The giant toaster is a great addition, just a shame it’s underused.  These are obviously two funny comedians joining forces in one show.  The reason just seems to get lost along the way.


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