Fringe Bar, Cnr Cuba & Vivian, Wellington

07/05/2013 - 11/05/2013

The Classic Studio, 321 Queen St, Auckland

13/05/2013 - 18/05/2013

NZ International Comedy Festival 2007-09, 2013

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Oh shit! Comedian, musician, writer and philanthropist (not actual philanthropist) Joseph Moore is doing his first solo hour in the 2013 NZ International Comedy Festival!

Armed with only a microphone, a laptop and a projector (and a remote for the projector), Joseph brings together his love for dope-ass-beats and quite-good-jokes to create a hit new show that will either win or lose him the 2013 Billy T James Award. The stakes are very high. 

Ever since he tried to form an all-Pakeha, eleven year old version of D12 back in form one, Joseph has always wanted to be a superstar. This quest to become rich, famous, and have lots of twitter followers, has led him on a inspiring and usually embarrassing journey that has seen him; witness the mainly rubber set of Prince Caspian, share an unforgettable meeting with Michael Murphy, and make it rain with Lost’s Matthew Fox in a depressing strip club. In Dope Ass Jokes, Josephinvites the audience to relive all these experiences, and more, with the useful addition of visual aids, bangin’ original music, and occasional breaks for clapping.

No stranger to the Festival, Joseph is a core member of FanFiction Comedy, the pop-culture-comedy show which enjoyed near sellout runs in both the Melbourne and NZ International Comedy Festivals. He has co-written and performed in various NZICF shows including Space Race (2011) and Bombs Away (2012) as well as writing for the TV3 shows 7 Days, Jono and Ben at Ten and The Jono Project.

Dope Ass Jokesis Joseph Moore’s first solo hour of comedy, and probably his last. This is assuming some huge music executive comes along to the show and signs him on the spot and he leaves the comedy game forever.

As part of the 2013 NZ International Comedy Festival


Dates: Tue 7 – Sat 11 May, 7pm
Venue: Fringe Bar, 191 Cnr Cuba & Vivian Sts

Dates:  Mon 13 – 18 May, 8:45pm
Venue: The Classic Studio, Level one, 321 Queen St

Tickets:  $13 – $18 (booking fees may apply)
Bookings: 0800 TICKETEK   

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Nerdy cool and hilarious angst

Review by Stephen Austin 14th May 2013

Joseph Moore is on stage less than five minutes and already he has defined the title and end-goal of his hour long show.  He roughly describes the Hip-Hip adjective of “dope ass” as “really good”.  And he lives up to that to the best of his ability.

He also states early that this is going to be “The Least Racist Show In The Comedy Festival”, and does his level best to stick to that promise.  

As a performer, Moore is a tightly-wound ball of energy, prone to infrequent bursts of physicality.  He has a clear crisp voice and knows how to hit a punch-line for maximum effect and when to pull back to let laughter transition an idea.  His style is cool, but nerdy (even though he will vehemently deny it.)  His story telling is episodic, but he brings it all neatly back together by the end with several points about his particular passions (especially, and unexpectedly, Matthew Fox from TV series Lost, Party of Five and Speed Racer).

I wasn’t familiar with the “Fish ’n’ Chips” song taught in many schools in the mid-90s that he spends a major part of the show dissecting (I’m not the target demographic here, who’d have thought it!), but I soon catch on and he breaks it down brilliantly for everyone.

We get to see inside the mind of 12 year old Moore when he introduces us to the musings of his rapper alias “Pawk” and he even treats us to some of his mad rhymes that have recently been dug up.  Hilarious, awkward, angsty stuff.  Especially great is the “too soon” 9/11 stylin’s dropped not long after the dreadful day.

His supporting slides to illustrate are colourful, effective and perfectly timed against the pace of his spoken comedy.  He seems concerned about drowning himself out with backing tracks for many of the numbers, but I feel he could have pumped this slightly to get the crowd even more worked up.

Was this a “dope ass” show?  Absolutely!  The least racist show in the comedy festival?  This liberal didn’t find much to get offended at, so probably.  A great way to spend an hour out of your evening?  Heck yes!  Successes all round, I’d say! 


Hamish Parkinson May 15th, 2013

Hi, I just wanted to say that I completly agree with this review. Joseph is a hard working and charming comedian and this show can be recomended to anyone.

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