Kade Nightingale and Jeremy Rolston in PANIC!

Fringe Bar, Cnr Cuba & Vivian, Wellington

15/05/2013 - 18/05/2013

BATS Theatre (Out-Of-Site) Cnr Cuba & Dixon, Wellington

14/02/2013 - 16/02/2013

NZ International Comedy Festival 2007-09, 2013

NZ Fringe Festival 2013

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“Two talented young men who are sure to go far. If you want laughs and magic then this is the show for you.” – Chris Cox – The Award-Winning Mind Reader Who Can’t Read Minds 

Many great comedy acts have emerged from Wellington City over the years, appearing on our local stages out of thin air. The act PANIC! takes this in a more literal sense, intertwining high class magic tricks with knee slapping humour, leaving audiences alarmed and charmed.

Kade Nightingale and Jeremy Rolston together have perfected their own unique ‘two in one’ style of comedy and magic. These fresh young faces are taking on the Wellington performance scene with a bang and won’t stop until you are on the edge of your seat! This year in the Wellington fringe, PANIC! is coming back for round two, this time gracing the stage of the mighty BATS Theatre.

Get involved and join Kade and Jeremy for a night of hilarity as they explore and display the ways we react when in PANIC!

10pm, Thurs 14th– Sat 16th February
BATS Theatre, Wellington
Bookings: www.bats.co.nz
$16 Full/$13 Concession/$12 Fringe Addict

“Jeremy and Kade have got be one of the most unique double acts around.  Jeremy seems to be an idiot but is in fact a brilliant comic and a master of magic. Kade is a kinetic whirlwind of mimicry and lateral thinking. These two are a throwback to double acts of the past. The new Laurel and Hardy only with magic.”-Danny Mulheron , Acclaimed Actor, Writer and Director

As part of the NZ International Comedy Festival 2013

Date: Weds 15 – Sat 18 May, 10 pm
Venue: The Fringe Bar, Cnr Cuba & Vivian Sts
Tickets: $12 – $16 (booking fees may apply)
Bookings: 0800 TICKETEK www.ticketek.co.nz

Kade Nightingale (Upper Hutt), Jeremy Rolston (Whitby)

Sandi Malesic: Stage manager (Wellington)
Jody Burrell: Producer (Upper Hutt) 
Antoinette Cowern: Lighting and Sound (Foxton) 

1 hr

Richly gratifying liveliness and fun

Review by Sam Purchas 16th May 2013

Paralleling and reminiscent of Flight of the Conchords, with the delightfully endearing chemistry between these two young men, PANIC is a bright, energetic and colourful performance. It provides hilarious entertainment and includes all genres:  stories, song, mime, dance and magic delivered with an unusually charming naturalness and spontaneity. 

The show begins with a South African character improvisation introducing the performers, Kade Nightingale and Jeremy Rolleston, who appear on stage carrying a balloon with a message inside, which is guarded by a member of the audience.  

Kade leads the first half of the show with very amusing and imaginative anecdotes about himself and other witty observations on humanity.

Jeremy leads the second half of the show with his magic which is a mix of telepathic tricks involving the audience which are skilfully performed.

Interspersed amongst this is a range of comically choreographed joint dance – followed by a very amusing intellectual political analysis of the dance between them, as to its “deep meaning” – a mimed love duet and dance which is very well done, and engaging conversation between them. 

The balloon, which holds the show, takes the last blast with both magic and fun in the revelation of the note inside.

Their obvious onstage enjoyment and fun Kade Nightingale and Jeremy Rolleston bring to their show is charismatic and infectious with the ‘feel good’ factor. These two young men have the potential to go far. I highly recommend seeing it for an evening of richly gratifying liveliness and fun.


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Funny, lovely and sweet with potential

Review by Hannah Smith 15th Feb 2013

Double act Jeremy Rolston and Kade Nightingale have the late night comedy slot at the BATS Out of Site venue (corner of Cuba and Dixon streets). Don’t be misled by the ‘late night’ handle though, PANIC! is not risqué in the slightest, it is a one hour variety show from two very engaging and likeable performers.

Nightingale is a gangling comedian with a deadpan delivery style, striking a balance between physical and spoken comedy, whilst Rolston is a cheery bloke who does magic tricks and has a bit of a chat.

The structure is sketchy – a little bit of back and forth banter between the pair on the subject of human PANIC, before separate slots on stage. Nightingale relates anecdotal material with a perfectly pitched degree of under emphasis that always finds the laugh.  His serious style, in combination with previously mentioned limberness and expressive face, make for an onstage persona that usually hits the mark.

Rolston, on the other hand, does magic tricks and sleight of hand, but with such likeable stage presence and a regular everyday bloke patter that you don’t feel like you have been Derren Brown-ed or David Copperfield-ed – more like someone nice has played a bit of a joke on you. He is a competent magician, but his sections are carried by charm over content. 

The show bills itself “a night of hilarity as they explore and display the ways we react when in PANIC!” but this is a tenuous link to connect their disparate material.  While the PANIC! concept had little to do with the bulk of the content, and is barely relevant as a structural element holding the set together, this is only a problem in that it draws attention to itself. 

There are plenty of lovely moments – and a pas de deux between the two at the end is a highlight, drawing the biggest crowd reaction. 

While there are moments of self-consciousness, and at times it feels like they are trying too hard, these are a performers with lots of potential, and lots of charisma.  The show is funny and in places sweet.  Enjoy.


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