Coxhead Flat, Hamilton

26/02/2014 - 27/02/2014

Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival 2014

Production Details

Kalopsia:when something appears more beautiful than it actually is.
something large and blue. 

Sarah Claire has got it all worked out, she knows what she is doing, why she is doing it and how long it is going to take. Ella is a personal train wreck that has just been hit by a car and figures she’ll stay at Sarah’s till she’s better. 

This debut work from Frank Creation is a mix of art and theatre. The show looks at friendship in a modern climate.  

It’s about what you would do if you killed someone’s canary and wrecked their sheets. 

When:  Wednesday, 26 February & Thursday, 27 February 2014 @ 8:30pm
Where:  Coxhead Flat
Wet Venue:  Chartwell Square Room
 $20 Adult | $16 Concession 
Genre:  Theatre
Duration:  60

Theatre , Performance Art ,

Wellingon City Council
Aotearoa Gaming Trust
Creative NZ
Auckland City Council