Raye Freedman Arts Centre, Gillies Avenue (Cnr Silver Road) Epsom, Auckland

01/08/2013 - 02/08/2013

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Project Kiwiana

An original, raw and thought provoking dance production which features street dance concepts inspired by all things KIWI.  This is happening this THURSDAY AND FRIDAY (1st and 2nd of August). This is a show not to be missed! Featuring the winners of the All-Stylez battle, Hopskotch Dance Crew bring to you an IN-KIWI-DIBLE show at the Raye Freedman Arts Centre, 7:30pm. Tickets $20 from  Get your tickets now and treat yourself to a UNIQUE Hip Hop experience 🙂





Hopskotch Dance Crew - Wellycrew, Megacrew, Teencrew

1 hour

Relax and enjoy fresh perspectives

Review by Jacqui Cesan 09th Sep 2013

I was looking forward to seeing this show as this company of dancers always brings a fresh perspective or new ideas to Hip Hop Dance.

The opening lines in the programme say; “Sit Back, Relax, And Enjoy Some Good Kiwi Sounds While Watching Some Of Kiwiana’s Icons Come To Life” – and this is just what I was able to do.

Kiwiana was a delight from start to finish and while there were definitely choreographic highlights, the overriding impression for me, and the rest of the audience, was that there was so much joy evident in the dancers individually and collectively. Not all those in the show were experienced dancers, but each of them showed a commitment to their performance that shows that this company of dancers really is a “family” who are unfailingly generous in their support of each other and the production as a whole.

The opening item “Goodnight Kiwi” was the choreographic standout for me. It was thoughtful cohesive and well rehearsed with several different groupings of dancers seamlessly taking us on a journey through the goodnight kiwis dreams. Two great pieces of music by Mt Eden Dubstep and Kimbra enhanced the movement and the mood of this work.

The second programme item “NZ on Air” was a series of short vignettes of some moments from kiwi TV. This was a fun and nostalgic journey especially for those of us in the audience that remember all these moments. The highlight for me was Hopskotch founder and choreographer Josh Mitikulena making the theme from Country Calendar a foil for his solo gumboots and all – He almost made this piece of music seem cool!!!

“Story Time” was another series of short dances. This time NZ literature both children’s and adults was used as an inspiration and soundscape. Again I enjoyed it all although there were some highlights, most notably the beautiful lyrical work of Pauline Hiroti to ‘Whale rider’ and the story of Margaret Mahy’s ‘The Great white man-eating shark’ performed by Lu-Kerne Lee had me in fits –it was brilliant !

“Tall Poppy” was another cohesive and thoughtful work and highlighted the dancing of the four principal female dancers Kat Walker, Renee Sharp, Seidah Tuaoi and Pauline Hiroti who really showed their versatility and strength as performers.

“Bus Stop” was a series of short solos where each of the performers was “doing their thing” oblivious to those around them as they waited for the bus-They should consider doing this as a site specific piece, perhaps at a downtown bus stop where tired commuters may be challenged to join in!

The next item “Buzzy Bee” used the colours of the bee as a metaphor for the different groups of South Auckland teenagers and the choices they make – unfortunately not the right ones. This was performed with commitment to the choreographic intention and the audience got it.  

The final item “Fish and Chips” was a real feel good finale to the show and featured all the Hopskotch family. Again I couldn’t help but be struck at the wonderful sense of unity and love in this company of dancers of diverse of ages and nationalities.

In a community where Hip Hop competition has often made this dance form into almost an exaggeration of itself through over the top energy and facial expression this show was a beacon of light and showed us that precision and intensity does not necessarily guarantee a connection between performer and audience. These dancers, all of them, connected with their audience through quality of movement and expression and their commitment to the ideas and each other. 

Bravo Hopskotch a thoughtful and thoroughly enjoyable show! 


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