Centrepoint, Palmerston North

14/11/2020 - 19/12/2020

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Barry, Gavin, Norman, Craig and Wes find themselves down on their luck outside the pub on Saturday night. What starts as a drunken joke, rapidly becomes a challenge they can’t back out of… an all-male strip show. 

Will they have the bravery, the bods and the balls to follow through?

Starring: Roy Snow, Mark Wright, Jeff Kingsford-Brown, Barnie Duncan, David Ladderman, James Jennings, Kate Louise Elliott & Lizzie Tollemache

Ladies Night is a raucous comedy about the power of friendship, determination and classic Kiwi ingenuity. Not to be missed!

Centrepoint Theatre
280 Church Street, Palmerston North
14 November – 19 December 2020
Wednesday • 6.30pm
Thursday • 7.30pm
Friday • 7.30pm
Saturday • 7.30pm
Sunday • 4pm
Opening Night: Saturday 14 November
Post-Show Q+A: Wednesday 18 November
Student • $30
Subscription Package • $40
Concession* • $42; Early Bird $40
Adult • Full $50; Early Bird $45
Dinner + Show • $85
*Seniors and Community Services Cardholders. Valid I.D. is required.


Please be aware that tickets are non-refundable. Any tickets for exchange must be returned to Centrepoint Theatre at least two days prior to the performance date. Under no circumstances will tickets be exchanged after the performance date.

Roy Snow – Barry
James Jennings – Wes
Barnie Duncan – Craig
Mark Wright – Gavin
Jeff Kingsford-Brown – Graham
David Ladderman – Norman
Kate Louise Elliott – Bernie
Lizzie Tollemache – Glenda

Dean McKerras – Choreographer
Tony Di Goldi - Set Designer
Ian Harman - Costume Designer
Talya Pilcher - Lighting Designer

Henrique Beirao - Production Manager/Operator/Sound Designer
Lauren Fergusson - Stage Manager/Operator/Sound Designer
Harvey Taylor - Set Builder
Lizzie Tollemache - Associate Director
Sam Millen - Marketing Manager
Matthew Poppelwell - Box Office Manager
Martin Carr - Business Manager

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The balm we need after a long year

Review by Alexandra Bellad-Ellis 15th Nov 2020

What starts off as a drunken Saturday night laugh soon gets really serious for our group of likely lads.  

After getting kicked out of their latest gig Barry, Wes, Gavin, Norman, Graham and Craig decide to try their luck as male strippers. When they bring Glenda on board as their trainer, the boys have to battle their inner demons (and outer rhythm problems) to conquer their fears and put on a good show. 

Barry is the group’s bad boy bass guitarist. While on the outside he seems to have his life together, behind the scenes things with his wife are pretty grim. Roy Snow does a great job of taking Barry from repressed bloke to a man who may, just occasionally, express his feelings.

Wes, the group’s sports star, has the most to lose from this gig. James Jennings is effortless in his portrayal of the typical New Zealand sports personality.

Norman is the dark horse of the group, a bit useless on the outside and a dancer waiting to get out on the inside. David Ladderman brings a physicality to his role which makes a lovely contrast to the more retiring personalities of the other characters.

Gavin is the more refined member of the group, but under his calm exterior is a sparkling personality just waiting to get out. Mark Wright gives a good performance with quite the ending.

Craig is the group’s manager, who’s major talent is not having anything ever work out. Barnie Duncan is hilarious as he tries to rope his unwilling strippers together and ends up putting on a show himself.

Graham is the last, reluctant member of the group. Jeff Kingsford-Brown does an amazing job of tackling an unlikable character with wit and enthusiasm.

Behind every good man is a good woman and Lizzie Tollemache (who is also the assistant director) plays Glenda, the women hired to whip the boys into shape. Giving a fun filled performance, she teaches the boys how to get in touch with their feelings and their fans. Rounding up the cast, Kate Louise Elliot, who is also the director, is the hilarious strip-club owner, Bernie

Written by Stephen Sinclair and Anthony McCarten with choreography by Dean McKerras this show has a distinctly New Zealand flavor. The multipurpose set, designed by Tony De Goldi and built by Harvey Taylor, suits the show perfectly and takes the audience from the street to the club. Ian Harman’s costuming highlights the difference between the guys and their stage personas.

As expected, this is a sound and light-heavy show. While the lighting is designed by Talya Pilcher, Henrique Beirao (also the production manager) and Lauren Fergusson (also the stage manager) have co-designed the sound and co-operate the technical desk.

Ladies Night is the balm we need after a long year. It’s light and funny with just enough seriousness, the characters are relatable and well played, making the audience root for every single one of them.

The only warning is that this show does make serious use of the smoke machines, so be aware if you have breathing difficulties.


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