BATS Theatre, The Propeller Stage, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington

07/10/2015 - 07/10/2015

NZ Improv Festival 2015

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Lady Fingers, improvisation’s most daring dames of the dramatic, hit New Zealand for their very first International adventure.

Lady Fingers is cheeky, musical, character based scenic improvisation. Three mischief makers improvise vocal music to inform scene work, multiple characters and abundant laughs. Storylines may cross, characters may disappear or return in this fun adventure into acappella music, clowning, playfulness and delight. Oh my!

BATS Theatre, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington 
Wednesday 7 October
$18 Full / $14 Concession / $13 Groups 6+ /
Two show pass: $30 Full / $25 Concession
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1 hr

Quite delicious

Review by Jo Blick 08th Oct 2015

Lady Fingers promised Wellington a musical treat and that’s what they delivered at BATS last night during the New Zealand Improv Festival. 

If improv is the theatrical equivalent of walking a tightrope without a net, then the three talented women who make up Lady Fingers have set their rope at just the right level to both thrill and entertain. 

The audience obviously expects something special given the reception Lady Fingers receives when they walk onstage. It is the Australian trio’s first international show – and who doesn’t like being one of the first to see something new?

The show begins in standard improv style with a suggestion, in this instance audience member Tessa’s admission of a sneaky and very enjoyable solo afternoon wine, but it’s really only a springboard for a freewheeling collection of scenes and songs. The trio – Linette Voller, Anne Wilson and Linda Calgaro- quickly move from talking to the audience to performing, picking us up and taking us with them with ease.

Scenes range from the hilarious to the thoughtful with highlights including two incredibly weird flatmates practicing their seduction skills on a home delivery man, a creepy Aunty with separation issues and a standout turn from Linette Voller as an automaton who’s trying her best to pass as human.

Somewhere along the line they invent a new sport (fancy entering a sword dancing triathlon anyone?) and admirably skewer self-absorbed dancer types waiting for a call back after an audition. This scene comes after an incredibly neat segue, taking the trio from a rhythmic musical piece that morphs into a crazy tapdance and ends with the introduction of the avant garde dance troupe. A very slick piece of work. 

There’s no where to hide in a trio and all three women are equal parts foil and star. Their group work is seamless, particularly in the acapella musical numbers, and the show almost never falters. Anne Wilson’s clownish physicality is put to good use while Linda Calgon’s skill with a one liner is showcased often.

We never do find out why Tessa drinks alone (why, Tessa, why?) but Lady Fingers, like the sponge cakes that share their name, are quite delicious. 


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