Lana Walters – Don't Lick That

BATS Theatre, The Dome, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington

14/05/2024 - 18/05/2024

NZ International Comedy Festival 2024

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Created and performed by Lana Wlaters

Lana’s bouncing baby grew overnight into a tyrannical toddler. But how terrifying could the terrible twos really be? Surely they’re exaggerating right? Right??!

Come along for tea parties and tantrums as top comedy writer and 2024 Billy T Nominee Lana Walters (7 Days, The Project, NZ Comedy Gala) gives her absurd and honest take on #mumlife.

What audiences are saying:
“Hahaha I’m never having kids. Incredible writing and story.”
“Only show about motherhood you need to see.”

Billy T Nominee 2021, 2024 NZ International Comedy Festival

Venue: BATS Theatre
Dates: 14 – 18 May
Times: 7PM
Prices: $25 – $30
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Comedy , Theatre , Solo ,

60 minutes

An amusing hour

Review by Tara McEntee 15th May 2024

Lana Walters is a frequent flier on some iconic TV shows in New Zealand, like 7 Days and The Project. She’s been a regular fixture in the Auckland comedy scene for a while and is nominated for the prestigious Billy T Award in this year’s NZ International Comedy Festival, so I am excited to see what she’s offering on this chilly Tuesday evening at BATS Theatre.

We spend an hour (a little over, I believe by accident) with Lana regaling us with stories of the terrible twos, a dystopia she’s experiencing with her daughter right now. The marketing for the show has clearly worked and when Lana asks, only three audience members indicate their childless status (me included).  For parents, the show is relatable and charming, with frequent groans and chuckles of recognition and sympathy coming from the crowd.

Despite not being the target demographic for the show, it’s still definitely an amusing hour. The audience in general looks to be having a good time, but I do notice people shifting in their seats in the second half of the show and seeming a bit restless; perhaps a little tighter timing is needed to hit the 50-minute mark and keep audiences engaged. Indeed, I’m left feeling a little off – it feels like Lana only presented her content to 70% in energy; I can find myriad excuses for this, but ultimately, it leaves some of the jokes landing in a bit of a no-man’s land, sort of fizzling out rather than landing with a bang.  

Don’t Lick That is definitely the right show for the right person and overall, an enjoyable time was had by all. I hope Lana settles into the rhythm and pace of the show as the week goes on. there’s four more nights at BATS Theatre for you to get along to.  


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