Laugh Experiences

Fringe Bar, Cnr Cuba & Vivian, Wellington

24/02/2010 - 27/02/2010

NZ Fringe Festival 2010

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They may have cried till they laughed, but they’ll make you laugh till you cry.  Three fresh, new Wellington comediennes bring their real lives to the stage in Laugh Experiences, a show filled with scintillating stand-up with a splash of sketch comedy.

Chelsea Hughes, Natalie Britten and Danni Taylor form the group Little Moustache, and the Fringe Festival will be their very first festival appearance. Little Moustache are the freshest female faces on the Wellington comedy scene and hope to add yet another funny feather in the womanly cap of Wellington comedy.

The show explores the concept of truth in comedy and each comedienne keeps it real by using their life experiences to form the basis of their comedic performance. 

Chelsea Hughes is a stand-up comedienne and improviser. She is a member of the Wellington Improv Troupe, and appeared in WellingSIN City, a noir-themed improv show, as part of the 2009 New Zealand International Comedy Festival.

Natalie Britten regularly performs at Raw Meat Mondays, a weekly showcase of Wellington’s newest and hottest comedians. She is a recent graduate of the Wellington Film School and directed the short film, Grace of God.

Danni Taylor was a 2009 Wellington Raw Comedy Quest finalist and performed in the stand-up show Miscellaneous, Etc. during the 2009 New Zealand International Comedy Festival. Both Chelsea and Danni performed in the RadioNZ production of Stand-Up and Be Counted, a stand-up radio show airing late in 2009.

Laugh Experiences plays at the Fringe Bar
February 24-27, 7pm
Tickets: $1
5 full / $13 concession
Show Duration: 1 hour
For more information contact Chelsea Hughes

refreshingly intelligent, uncynical and quirky

Review by Maryanne Cathro 25th Feb 2010

Chelsea Hughes, Natalie (Nat) Britten and Danni Taylor are “Little Moustache” (pronounced leetle not luttle). They are very, very funny. 

Chelsea is from Texas, where they love God and junk food and sometimes both at once! At 30, she is the oldest of the trio and her observations on marriage are original and funny and, well, very true!

Nat I have seen before at a Raw Meat Monday, and the addition of a ukulele has really brought her material to life. Who’d have thought? A ukulele! Nat wants us to believe that she’s not normal, but it is the kind of not normal that everyone is.

Danni is 21 and from the UK and her presentation, humour and obvious intelligence (the glasses are a clue apparently) remind me of Irish comedienne Maeve Higgins.

Laugh Experiences is a show about the humour in every day life, sometimes taken to the absurd extreme. I love this kind of humour best, and these performers handle it very well. Their different styles dance together effortlessly.

The show comprises alternating sketches and stand up. The first sketch, from which the trio derives their name, involves a French pharmacist trying to work out what the customer wants from her appearance (you have a leetle moustache!). Next, a pirate is interviewed by a recruiting consultant, and lastly a new employee gets the first degree from her new boss.

Sketches like this are not often seen on stage, but it is an excellent live comedy delivery style. Alternating with each performer doing a stand up set, the show lasts an hour.

Get along to see this show with its refreshingly intelligent, uncynical and quirky approach to making us laugh. Which the audience did a lot!
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