Lilburn Variations

Whare Tapere Iti, Gate 2B, University of Waikato, Hamilton

25/09/2008 - 25/09/2008

Production Details

A dance and music workshop performance featuring the music of Douglas Lilburn.

Described as the father of New Zealand music composition, Douglas Lilburn has a deeply significant role in the creation of New Zealand music. Through this new work choreographed by Timothy Gordon, Company Z Dance Trust and the AUT University Dance Collective have come together to bring a unique opportunity- a dance performance workshop offering a behind the scenes look at the processes involved in the creation of a new work. 

The workshop will incorporate a performance of Lilburn Variations in which Timothy Gordon has choreographed a landscape of dance vignettes reflecting on Douglas Lilburn’s musical imagination and invention.

The Performance Workshop will include:
A short introduction to the music and life of Douglas Lilburn by guest speaker Dr William Dart.

–      A short rehearsal

–      Performance of "Lilburn Variations"

–      An experience of learning a phrase from the piece

–      Feedback

Where: Academy of Performing Arts, University of Waikato, Hamilton.
Venue: Whare Tapere Iti, Gate 2B, Knighton Road
Date: Thursday 25th September, 2008
5:00pm – 6:20pm

Adults $10.00
Children $8.00 (under 8 years)
For Bookings call: 0800 383 5200

SPEAKER: Dr. William Dart
COSTUMES: Biata Mathews

Sonata (1949)
Allegro : Estelle Vermeulen, Caroline Gray, Jonelle Kawana
Poco Adagio : Benny Ord, Estelle Vermeulen, Simon Pointon, Sassy Niven, Jonelle Kawana

Occational pieces for Piano
Four Preludes (1942-1944) Prelude 3 : Benny Ord, Jonelle Kawana
Four Preludes (1942-1944) Prelude 4, Allegro : Caroline Gray
Four Preludes (1948-1960) Prelude 4 : Benny Ord
Four Preludes (1942-1944) Prelude 1 : Simon Pointon, Britt Carter
Rondio : Estelle Vermeulen
Andante : Sassy Niven, Jonelle Kawana
Adagio Sostenuto : Benny Ord, Estelle Vermeulen, Caroline Gray , Simon Pointon, Britt Carter, Sassy Niven, Jonelle Kawana

Enormous talent secreted away

Review by 01st Oct 2008

Company Z dance Trust and Auckland University of Technology Dance Collective presented a most extraordinary event on Thursday of last week at The Waikato University, Hamilton. This revived company, under the inimitable artistic directorship of Timothy Gordon, presented a work in progress, a rehearsal demonstration and then completed costumed sections of the Lilburn Variations.

Renowned critic and musician, William Dart spoke about Lilburn, connecting us the New Zealandness and the history behind this embryonic work.

A slightly bemused audience drank in the spectacle of sunset starting, kowhai trees beyond the studio windows and the irregular looming of cyclists and walkers moving past outside. Timothy used these images to invent an imagery, sensory backdrop for his dancers, to encourage them to feel beyond the space of the choreographic invention.

Mature dance artistry in the bodies of Benny Ord, Estelle Vermeulen and Simon Pointon was exquisitely matched by newcomers Caroline Gray, Sassy Niven, Britt Carta, Jonelle Kawana and Beata Mathews.

The work is exhausting; exhaustive use of balance and spiral turns dusts off these beautiful musical scores. There was a clear sense of ownership of the music – of our place. As much of New Zealand dance like this is secreted away, hardly watched and mightily underfunded, I felt emotional, desperate even.

This choreographic artist has an enormous talent and the clear support of artists like himself from other disciplines. His dancers are committed and extraordinary.

The event was memorable – a real treasure. How can it be that this critical expression (similarly well beyond the boundaries of choreographic event) of us, as a people, is so consistently denied access and care?


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