Circus Bar 17b Allen Street, Wellington

16/03/2018 - 18/03/2018

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Love? Life? Sex? Life? And technology?
How does a millennial, alone in her bedroom, combat online dating?  

This multimedia solo show explores these ideas through an intimate setting, and will give the chance to share a private moment. To know what it means to have love; and to lose it.

Love & Loss follows She, who after getting home from a long hard day at work goes though the every motions of returning to her cosy: albeit messy bedroom. A Tinder notification on her phone rings out and her already over-active imagination goes wild.

The audience will come along with She on a journey of life and fate, exploring the connections we make though online dating.

Starring: Anastasia Matteini-Roberts as She.

Circus Bar, 17b Allen Street, Te Aro, Wellington
Friday 16 – Sunday 18 March 2018
7:00pm – 7:50pm
Koha $5

Who are we?

Laurel J burns
Laurel Burns is a theatre artist from San Diego, California, USA. She has been working professionally since 2009 as an actor, director and stage manager.

Anastasia Matteini- Roberts
Anastasia is a theatre practitioner from the U.K and New Zealand. After graduating from Victoria University of Wellington, she spent the last year teaching theatre in Beijing, China.

Peach Emoji Productions
The international brainchild of Laurel J Burns (From United States) and Anastasia Matteini-Robets (From New Zealand) conceived when Laurel and Anastasia met whilst working in China. Peach emoji productions seeks to explore and put on stage our stories, of millennials from now. How do we connect? How do we love? How do we see the world? We seek to explore these questions and more in an ever increasing technology world through the scope of theatre. Oh and we love butts.

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