Cavern Club, 22 Allen St, Te Aro, Wellington

11/05/2016 - 14/05/2016

NZ International Comedy Festival 2016

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What happens next will shock you…  

On the surface, Savanna Calton (Raw Quest Winner 2015) and Lucy Roche (doctors hate her) appear to be different in every way. But dig a little deeper and what they have in common will shock you.

Featuring 23 jokes about sex that will have you falling off your seat. And 7 reasons why working in hospitality is harder than you might think – the 3rd will really surprise you.

Could it be more inspiring than a TED talk? 

We challenge you not to laugh. 

“[Savanna is] not only the future of NZ comedy but, more importantly, the present” – Ben Hurley

Please note: Lucy Roche will not be performing in the show on Saturday 14 May, the show will instead feature a line-up of comedians including Matthew Ray O’Leary, Rhian Wood-Hill, Sera Devcich, Ben MacGougan & Savanna Calton rounding out the night.

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Cavern Club 
Wed 11 – Sat 14 May 2016
Full Price:  $15.00
Concession:  $10.00
Group 4+:  $13.00
Cheap Wednesday:  $12.00
*service fee may apply 

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Powerful young voices the present of comedy

Review by Patrick Davies 13th May 2016

It’s not for no reason that we’re at the Cavern Club, our comics wanted an easy space with a bar so we can refresh our tipples without shame. We’re also invited to feel free to go to the loo since it means walking past the performer as they’re backstage. It’s this lack of pretension and straightforwardness that makes this night one of the best of the fest so far. 

Savanna Calton is the 2015 Raw Quest Winner and Ben Hurley sees her as “the future… the present of comedy. If she is – and she is – Lucy Roche is definitely right beside her. Both comedians are strong, confident performers who can land a joke from six paces and deliver seemingly disparate material.

Calton has the tighter set around the usual fodder of her background of the Hutt, how she’s escaped and where she is now in the world, next door to a backpackers. She is the proud owner of Resting Bitch Face and isn’t apologetic for it. She moves from topic to topic so effortlessly. In light of Nik Smythe’s recent comments about Alice Brine, Calton’s and indeed Roche’s comments on ‘women comedians’ are sharp, funny and deadly accurate.

Roche’s set is a well-honed development of her work last year. She plays an anti-feminist comedian in a delightful 50s (? – I’m not au fait with dress eras) and eviscerates the position in the same way an anti-hero does that of the hero. Her material is more explicitly full-on and at times brazenly, shockingly wonderful.

At times she almost goes too far but she always manages to keep us onside and laughing with her. Her segues aren’t as smooth as Calton’s but that, as the night goes on, fits in with her almost air-head delivery. This is a fantastically constructed persona that brilliantly supports a moral outlook while seeming to subvert it.

These two comedians are great. In earlier years they may have been called the angry young women of comedy, but here they are two powerful young voices. Damn glad they opened their mouths – both of these women are the present of comedy. A must see.


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