Te Auaha - Tapere Nui, 65 Dixon Street, Te Aro, Wellington

16/02/2024 - 17/02/2024

NZ Fringe Festival 2024

Production Details

Producer/Director/Choreographer: Molly O'Hagan
Assisstant Choreographers: Lisa Philipsen and Annabel Milburn

Molly O'Hagan

LUNACY dives into the cosmic world of the moon, the push, the pull, and the influence it holds over humans. Electric choreography styles depict phases of worship, madness, ritual, and celebration that build to an ecstatic conclusion. LUNACY is a dance piece featuring dancers from the Te Auaha Commercial Dance course and includes two singers, both graduates of the Te Auaha Musical Theatre course.

LUNACY is a part of the NZ Fringe Festival, showing at Tapere Nui, Te Auaha. Performance dates are Friday 16th of February (9 pm) and Saturday 17th of February (1 pm + 9 pm). Ticket prices are $20 full price, $15 concession, and $10 child. Link to tickets below:

Molly O'Hagan, Lisa Philipsen, Annabel Milburn, Elisa Gates, Grace Taylor, Jess Green, Jiya Anaud, Megan Muir, Brooke Candy, Piper Morrison, Tayla Hunt

Maya Gateling, Lane Corby

Jessie Rochford Barber

Dance-theatre , Dance ,


Certainly an hour of escapism

Review by Deirdre Tarrant 19th Feb 2024

Fringe is happening and the potpourri that is Fringe has hit town! Fringe for me is about experiment, excitement, artists with passion and something cogent and challenging to say – new thinking to reflect on and boundless vitality!
Lunacy is directed by Molly O’ Hagan and has the energy and youth that epitomises Fringe. Relentless moves are delivered with sassy street style by a cast with undoubted ability and joy. They dance indeed. Solos,  duos,  a very tight trio and large unison ensembles all in white and with relentless structures and pounding rhythms explode across the stage. It feels more like we are at a nightclub than in a theatre – the sound is loud and the audience vocal. A full house of support and whoops of identity, is a great environment but exhausting … sound tracks were loud and made me wonder about APRA and copyrights. The opening images and vocal solo set the evening as a moon ? an  orb of light travelled across the space above us. 
The two singers  Maya Gatling and Anna  Nicole- Smith  provide emotional depth and give us time to listen and consider their words.

There in  an effective circular moon ‘ landing ‘ and a mesmerising vocal duet and dance response in one number but the overall concept and structure of the work is sketchy. It seems rather a series of items than an artistic statement?  Probably my failing as I really want purposeful  performers to take me somewhere that they are fully engaged in. In Lunacy,  for the most part, I felt rather a voyeur of that thing called ‘entertainment’.  Sit back and love the moves, the youth, the gestures, the joyous oblivion of a dance life that does not measure itself in pelvic thrust and snappy canons. Certainly an hour of escapism and slickly projected but I really want all  that talent to find the light and shade of life and be less aggressive. Less of an assault on the senses? Never mind me, the audience loved it. 
The next day I went to Our Place – a Fringe  theatre piece for two that was utterly charming, sad, confronting, human and very real. The attention to minutiae and detail in script movement and set  was compelling. 
Fringe is about taking a chance so Thankyou and I look forward to the journey these performers will go on. They have so much to give. 
Thank you also to production teams and to Fringe –
 March will be A-mazing! 


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