MARY POPPINS The Broadway Musical

The Civic - Auckland Live, Auckland

16/10/2020 - 01/11/2020

Production Details

First musical to hit The Civic since lockdown 

Magical story of the world’s favourite Nanny spectacularly brought to the stage with dazzling choreography, incredible effects and unforgettable songs

Opens 16 October for strictly limited season

It’s the spoonful of sugar we all need right now! We are delighted to announce that MARY POPPINS, the much-loved Broadway musical, is returning to Auckland this October in a glorious new New Zealand production.

The world’s favourite nanny had been due to fly into Auckland in April but found herself in isolation like the rest of us. Being the true gale-force that she is, she wouldn’t be stopped and is soldiering on to bring magic to the stage once again. “Everything is possible, even the impossible!” says Mary.


The season, featuring a dazzling, all-New Zealand cast, will open on 2 October for a strictly limited season. Tickets on sale on 8th July via Ticketmaster. So “head up, and feet beneath you”, book your tickets today. “Spit spot”!


The magical story of the world’s favourite Nanny is triumphantly and spectacularly brought to the stage with dazzling choreography, incredible effects and unforgettable songs.

The stage production of MARY POPPINS is brilliantly adapted from the wonderful stories of P.L. Travers and the classic Walt Disney film, featuring dazzling choreography, incredible effects and unforgettable songs. And yes, Mary will fly!

It is co-created by Cameron Mackintosh and has a book by Oscar-winning screenwriter and Downton Abbey creator, Julian Fellowes. With a timeless score by Richard M Sherman and Robert B Sherman including the classic songs; Jolly Holiday, Step in Time, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and Feed the Birds with new songs and additional music and lyrics, including Practically Perfect, by the Olivier award-winning British team of George Stiles and Anthony Drewe

Mary Poppins helps us learn to take our medicine with a spoonful of sugar, find the silver lining in every situation, and realize that sometimes we should just use the winds of change to go fly a kite.

She brings order to the Banks household at 17 Cherry Tree Lane, takes Jane and Michael out on magical adventures, and dispenses sage advice, such as, “anything can happen if you let it”.

The Civic, Auckland
16 October – 1 November 2020
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Prices:  From $27.50*
*Plus service fees
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Mary Poppins:  Shaan Kloet
Bert:  Hamish Mouat
George Banks:  Nick Brown
Winifred Banks:  Caroline Everitt
Miss Andrew:  Theresa Wells
Mrs Brill:  Emma Leon
Robertson Ay:  Cameron Stables
Bird Woman:  Jane Horder
Miss Corry:  Geena Hutton
Jane Banks:  Gabrielle Copley & Tallulah Palmer-Obrien
Michael Banks:  Lukas Maher & Ted Blackman Eley
Neleus/Ensemble:  Maxwell Hutton
Admiral Boom/Chairman:  David Burchall
Northbrook:  Sean Macfarlane
Von Hussler/Park Keeper:  Warren Vickery
Miss Lark:  Vanessa Preston 

Josh Bedford, Prue Brown, Matt Bruce, Ashleigh Clark, Elliette Dean, Bridie Dixon, Jeremy Downing, Molly Griffiths, Geena Hutton, Maxwell Hutton, Caleb Jamieson, Sean McFarlane, Louise Monson, Jared Morello, Luna Oliveira, Adam Pavis, Vanessa Preston

Kristoff Beens, Charlotte Carroll, Kathryn Cross, Helen Marinovich, Keith Marr, Blake Tuke, Cole Johnston, Rebecca Hubbert, Katherine Edwards

Director:  Russell Dixon
Music Director:  Zac Johns
Vocal Director:  Jane Horder
Choreography:  Jeremy Hinman


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Return to theatre magical

Review by Ethan Sills 21st Oct 2020

It has been seven months since the Civic Theatre was last able to stage a show, and I didn’t know how much I’d missed that star-covered ceiling or those steely eyed lions guarding the stage until I sat down, surrounded on all sides by a socially un-distanced crowd equally thrilled to be back.

I too had never thought I’d be so excited by the prospect of Mary Poppins, but after all the struggles the arts industry has endured this year have been little discussed, this is the spoonful of sugar the industry needs to wash away the Covid blues. [More


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Spit-Spot On

Review by Sharu Delilkan and Tim Booth 19th Oct 2020

In a time where attending a live theatrical show is undoubtedly a luxury, we all filed into The Civic with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude to live in this bubble.  

The show began with songs that were immediately familiar to most of us. We caught ourselves mouthing the lyrics to the songs but very soon stopped to avoid annoying the people around us.

The atmosphere in the room was one of positivity and happiness, uplifting the experience for everyone. And knowing that we were about to witness and support local talent on stage was an added bonus. [More


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A practically perfect spectacular, joyful treat

Review by Heidi North 17th Oct 2020

This is the second time I’ve seen the modern musical version of Mary Poppins, co-created by Cameron Mackintosh in 2004. While not particularly nostalgic for the story from my childhood, I was spellbound by the touring Australian production that came to Auckland in 2012. So I was curious to see how this New Zealand production stacked up. In short, it does.

From the vocals, to the costumes, to the choreography, to the music, I leave the Civic Theatre incredibly proud of the local talent we have here in Aotearoa. 

This musical re-interpretation of PL Travers’ classic books, and the 1964 Disney film, is very similar to the one made popular by Julie Andrews – a family in need of connection are bought back to life by Mary Poppins, with her special umbrella, endless handbag, spoonfuls of sugar and liberal touch of magic. But the refresh has given the story enough of a modernisation, trimmed away some of the saccharin sweetness and added some new songs.

The overall effect is the creation of a delightful musical for a whole new generation of children to fall in love with. My two kids, six and seven years old, had only a passing knowledge of Mary Poppins prior to the show, but they leave in raptures, in love with Mary and the whole enchanting production.

Despite being set in 1910 London, the characters in this version on the whole are very relatable, even if things like servants, chimney sweeps and even having a full-time nanny are less so. The only character served poorly by the refresh is Mrs Banks. A suffragette in the film, Mrs Banks has been reimagined as a former actress, which could be great, but instead of going back to her passions in the end she decides her true calling is to be a wife and mother. Still, this is a minor quibble, and Caroline Everett makes a wonderful Winifred Banks.

While the whole cast are fantastic, it is Mary we are there to see, and Shann Kloet delivers: a sweet, sassy Mary with an incredible voice. Hamish Mouat’s Bert, the chimney-sweep, is a thoroughly loveable companion. A highlight is when he confidently walks up and across the proscenium arch, pausing to sing perfectly while suspended upside-down, before coming back down to deliver the song’s finale.

Other special mentions must go to Nick Brown for his very honest performance of Mr Banks, Jane Horder’s haunting Bird Woman, Maria Angela Va’a’s energetic Mrs Corry, and Therese Wells’ delightfully wicked Miss Andrew (“the Holy Terror”), who is so convincingly terrifying that when she comes on for her curtain call my kids refuse to let me clap for her. Wells is a teacher by day, and I would love to see the reactions of her Year 1 primary students to her role.

Our two children performers for the night are fantastic too – Gabrielle Copley as Jane and Lukas Maher as Michael. Thirteen-year-old Lukas in particular handles a couple of technical glitches with his mic like a true professional.  

The songs we know and love are delivered with aplomb, the costumes shine, the music resounds, and the choreography is flawless. ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’, in particular, is a feat.

An opening night technical glitch in the finale unfortunately prevents Mary from taking her final flight but it doesn’t detract from the overall magic. The performance is dedicated to theatres worldwide that are dark due to Coronavirus. We are reminded again how lucky we are to be able to enjoy such a spectacular, joyful treat here in Auckland. Practically perfect. 


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