MICETRO AllStar Finals

Fringe Bar, Cnr Cuba & Vivian, Wellington

25/04/2010 - 09/05/2010

NZ International Comedy Festival 2010

Production Details

Search for Wellington’s quickest WIT inches closer with Micetro – Improv Comedy 
Tensions are rising as we reach the home stretch in our quest to find Wellington’s Quickest WIT! The prize is in sight for our most ambitious improvisers, as the ever popular Micetro has reached the finals season of its biggest competition yet. Micetro is hosted by the Fringe Bar during the New Zealand International Comedy festival 2010.
Over the last ten weeks our eager performers have battled to secure their spot in this finals season. Only a few prevailed and now they face-off for the honour of being crowned 2010’s Ultimate Micetro Champion. As the final looms closer, things are sure to get crazy. And what’s more, the audience decides who wins, so make sure you cheer nice and loud for your favourite. Join us for a wacky night of crash-and-burn, never-seen-before improv, and help us crown a Champion!
Micetro is a raucous evening of spontaneity that mixes beloved improv games, charismatic humility, and audience suggestions to create a unique night of entertainment that will never be seen again. Armed only with their quick wits, improvisers will valiantly struggle to cross the gaping abyss of failure – to everyone’s amusement and joy! Each improviser has one goal in mind; to be crowned 2010’s Ultimate Micetro Champion.
The Micetro format was created by improvisational guru and teacher Keith Johnstone to handle a large group, and is now played in 20 countries around the world…
Two directors bring actors on stage. The audience votes on several rounds of improvised scenes, eventually to eliminate all but one, crowned the Micetro improviser for the evening. Ten weeks of shows will determine who gets to compete in the Comedy Festival finals season, with the winner of each week earning a spot in the semi finals.
The Wellington Improvisation Troupe (WIT) is Wellington’s not-for-profit, community-based improvisational theatre group. WIT performs and teaches the skills of improvisational theatre at community venues around the Wellington region.

Micetro Improv Comedy – The Finals!
Dates: Sundays – 25 April, 2 May & 9 May, 7pm
Venue: Fringe Bar, Cnr Cuba & Vivian Sts, City
Tickets: Adults $14 / Conc. & Groups 10+ $12
Bookings: Ticketek, 0800 TICKETEK,
www.ticketek.co.nz / www.wit.org.nz

1 hr 30 mins + Sundays Only

Laughter flows despite confusion and a disappointing lack of ‘ask-fors’

Review by Phoebe Smith 26th Apr 2010

There is something inherently enjoyable about watching improvisation; the chuck-it-all-in, fingers-crossed approach is simultaneously nail-biting and heart-warming and this year’s first Micetro All-Star Semi-final is no exception.

Teetering always on the fickle tightrope between success and failure, the performers’ gritted teeth and beads of sweaty desperation create a Christmas-like spirit of generosity in the audience, who function as a scoring clap-o-meter.

Micetro is an impro competition format devised by international Impro guru, Keith Johnstone. As played by Sunday night’s improvisers, this is a combination of Theatresports and uninhibited improvised scenes.

Its positive elements include its capacity for a large number of competitors and its easy flow. The flip side of this is an unfortunate tendency to flow straight into a new, structured game without explaining its parameters, and a somewhat confusing process of elimination, compounded by a degree of overlap in the roles of MC Corey Matthews and Director Anton Van Helden.

The consistent option for the improvisers to perform scenes with no ‘ask-fors’ or offers from the director or audience are disappointing in the competitive impro environment, in which an audience is impressed to see ‘rules’ followed that guarantee at least some degree of improvisation from the performers.

However, last night’s Fringe Bar audience were bathed in laughter, consistently kept on their toes and particularly impressed with the evening’s Micetro, Ralph McCubbin-Howell, in his multitudinous characters and embodiment of funk.

The Fringe Bar hosts one more semi-final on Sunday May 2nd at 7pm and the final, May 9th at 7pm. Book now, as tensions rise this will only get better – and it will sell out.


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