Miss Scrappe presents: Fool Affrontal Rudity

Gryphon Theatre, 22 Ghuznee Street, Wellington

04/03/2023 - 07/03/2023

Production Details

Madeline Ann Smith - writer and performer
Colin McLellan - videographer and photographer

Miss Scrappe

Tagline – “A hagridden melodrama”
Program blurb: “Aww bless, Miss Scrappe wants to make a comeback. She’ll probably cronesplain a few things, sing a few old ditties, sort of shuffle about the stage… Spew bile and maybe do a few guitar bends – just sweet old lady stuff”

An experimental comedy and music theatre piece written and performed by Madeline Ann Smith co-founder of Scrap Mettle (The Organ Grinder’s Monkey – Fringe 2021 and On Cuba Street Fringe 2022). Video and photography by Colin McClellan (On Cuba Street).
FatG at the Fringe, Gryphon Theatre
4pm March 4
5pm March 5
7pm March 6 & 7

Madeline Ann Smith - Miss Scrappe

Theatre , Dance-theatre , Solo , Music ,

50 mins

Miss Scrappe lives another day! A chaotic rumbling of noise, bright colour and wackiness.

Review by CHLOE JAQUES 05th Mar 2023

Miss Scrappe is indeed a sweet old lady. She is brave and warm, clumsy and
disgusting. She invites the audience into her messy world with great pleasure and joy.
Madeline Smith does indeed pursue all. She attempts an ambitious solo clowning act
amongst an assorted set, multiple musical objects, funky costume changes and thought
provoking storylines. She sings to us often. “Don’t go down the wrong track” at least
three times. I think we’re listening! Digging at Gwyneth Paltrow and monologuing
academic scripts begs the question: What are we simple humans so desperately chasing?

Strong eye contact paired with intentional character physicality prompts us to pay
attention and not get too distracted with the trippy powerpoint display.
Amongst the chaos, there are many golden opportunities to play. A loud phone call in
the first 10 minutes of performance was a missed shot to interact with the audience.
Because Miss Scrappe loves to play! We desire even more silliness.
A bum! Surprise! A completely sudden and joyous moment! Like so many!
There are many moments of release where we can feel the actor relax and breathe
deeply. A lost guitar pick or a wrong song cue; a genuine presence and authenticity
gushes into the space for its yearning audience. More moments like this would have
allowed the humanity of the character and story to shine even brighter. Less is more.
Presence is enough.
Removing the dark make up in a raw and present moment was powerful. We see past
the crazy character persona of Miss Scrappe and begin to appreciate the human soul
that’s simply existing in front of us. Beautiful.
A chaotic rumbling of noise, bright colour and wackiness, Miss Scrappe Presents: Fool
Affrontal Rudity is challenging and alive.
The bones of something great.


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