Mr Boon’s Big Time Last Chance Quiz Show 2011

Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre, The Edge, Auckland

14/05/2011 - 22/05/2011

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Mr Boon’s Big Time Last Chance Kids’ Show rocked the 2010 Comedy Festival. Join Mr Boon as he hosts a game show like no other. New Zealand’s first ever live game show for kids. If you’re part of the audience, you could be part of the show!! With just four shows you’d better get in fast!

Mr Boons talent is combining his passion for comedy and his skills as a primary school teacher to create interactive shows to get kids thinking and taking part.

Mr Boon has delighted kids over the past year with his hilarious comedy aimed mainly at kids (but a little bit at grown ups too).

Having written and performed sketch comedy for 15 years as well as performing at the Edinburgh festival, this dedicated teacher by day is back onstage to whip the audience into a giggling frenzy. With a very unique viewpoint, and an understanding of how kids see the world, Mr Boon is an hour of fun for the kids that shouldn’t be missed.

My 8yearold son said on leaving the theatre: “I think that might be the best play I’ve ever seen. It was so funny!” Theatreview

“It had both the seven year old and eleven year old in fits of laughter. The only danger is a flying cream

Suitable for all ages, but ideal for ages four and up.

Dates: Sat 14 – Sun 15 & Sat 21 – Sun 22 May, 1pm
Venue: Herald Theatre, The EDGE
Tickets: Adults $25, Kids $15
Bookings: 0800 BUYTICKETS or  

Sat & Sun only

Hilarious lo-fi kidstuff

Review by Nik Smythe 16th May 2011

With little more than a minimal set – 2 chairs, a laptop, projector screen and a large gold paper-wrapped box entitled Mr Boon’s Big Box of Bits – it’s plain Mr Boon is an active proponent of the ‘just give them a box and they’ll be happy’ theory. 

First, a serious official type fellow in a white lab coat and wielding a clipboard (whom the children who have seen his previous work note bears a striking resemblance to Mr Boon) comes out to warm us up in amusingly pragmatic style. Having studied audience warm-up techniques on (yep, I tried searching for it too), he struggles through a short set of bad jokes, audience participation and a new take on the classic Mexican wave. 

So the kids are already jeering at him and ready to party when the main event commences via typically cheesy theme music accompanied by a typically jolly voiceover announcer, welcoming us all to The Show Where You Can Win Big, But Probably Won’t! Children are pitted against each other in variations of conventional gameshow contests, involving spelling contests and celebrity identification and stuff like that; also general knowledge and a particular variation of charades that unspectacularly fails due to a crucial design flaw… 

The winner’s grand prize is the opportunity to slap a cream pie into Mr Boon’s scruffy, smart-alec face. The two sets of heats, the semi-emi final and Grand High Super Final are interspersed with a new phenomenon in theatre – commercial endorsements performed by the actor [Mike Boon]. And commented upon by Her husband and Her Majesty the Queen! So. 

Boon’s gregarious, laid back yet mildly haughty manner is carried with enough energy and empathy to have the children rocking along throughout the mad proceedings. The hour is fair packed with great comedic ideas in shameless lo-fi packaging, such as when unsuccessful contestants get to select from the Homebrand Peanut-Butter Jar of Warehouse Lollies. 

This homespun aspect seems at different points like calculated anticlimax, sometimes budget restriction and sometimes simply unpolished. In any case it is hilarious kidstuff, liberally infused with impulsive wit, general silliness and jokes your kids may well possibly repeat for a long time to come, plus the lollies. 
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