Mr Bun-Buns’ Terrible Day

Various outdoor suburban areas, Dunedin

18/03/2010 - 28/03/2010

Dunedin Fringe 2010

Production Details

See if Mr Bun-Buns the rabbit survives his terrible day! Danny Still’s comic solo performance, set to a soundtrack of groovy music and silly noises is coming to your neighbourhood.

Guaranteed fun for all the family or your money back – PS: performances are free.

Help Mr Bun-Buns have his carrot and eat it too! 

Dates:   March 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28
Location: Various outdoor suburban areas
Time: 3:30pm, 3:50pm, 4:10pm (weekdays)
 12:00pm, 12:20pm, 12:40pm (weekends)
Duration: 10 min

The really terrible thing would have been to have missed this

Review by Terry MacTavish 28th Mar 2010

I’m dodging rhododendron bushes, leaping over flowerbeds, sending ducks and the odd small child flying – will I find my way through the Botanic Gardens in time? – I can hear a booming voice promising the show is about to begin as I speed past the band rotunda and skid to a halt at the playground.

Yes, there he is! A giant furry grey rabbit, with floppy ears, a white cotton tail, and a neatly trimmed beard. It is indeed Mr Bun-Buns, a.k.a. Danny Still, who has been acting out his terrible day free for lucky Dunedin kids at 11 different outdoor venues; 33 performances in all.

On one side of me is seated a Frenchwoman with two small children who do not speak English and regard me with mild scorn when I proudly identify Bun-Buns as “lapin”. Their mother, however, really does utter “Oh la la” during the exciting bits, and tells me how “enchantée” she is that they happened on this treat. On the other side is a wide-eyed baby whose Indonesian mother has dressed her in a bunny-ears hood. “Just by chance”, she says.

Although the audience is an experience in itself, Danny Still has no difficulty in holding our attention. He is an extremely expressive actor even without speech, and his material is perfectly suited to his skills. It is as if a beautifully illustrated children’s book has come to life.

Danny has pre-recorded his story, along with groovy music and silly noises that cause the audience to bounce happily and wave their sandwiches in time. The character is adorable and the tale classically simple: Mr Bun-Buns wakes up filled with excitement as it’s his friend Fluffy’s birthday and he plans to bake a carrot cake!

But everything starts going wrong. The rubbish hasn’t been collected, the carrots haven’t been delivered, the oven is not co-operating. Bun-Buns has to set out to find the carrots, on the way high-fiving the Indonesian baby’s brother, who turns out to be his “old friend” Thumper.

It’s a scary world out there. Hawks and dogs present real threats, and Bun-Buns runs far and fast, startling the ducks. Some of us are worried he might not come back, but I am not the one howling…

Danny Still is one of the most gifted children’s theatre exponents you will ever see. He has had wide experience excelling in pantomime, creates magical soundtracks, and increasingly writes his own original material. He knows just what will work, and engenders enormous affection in his young audiences because of his modest and straightforward approach as well as his talent.

All too soon the show is over, although the length, 10 minutes, is just right for an outdoor kids’ performance. The French and Indonesian mums agree the really terrible thing would have been to have missed this. I might just have to kidnap a kid or two to give me an excuse to see it all again. Oh la la! 
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