Kitty O'Sheas, 28 Courtenay Place, Wellington

30/04/2013 - 04/05/2013

NZ International Comedy Festival 2007-09, 2013

Production Details

Nat Who? is touring to the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Melbourne Comedy Festival and New Zealand Comedy Festival 2013. 

Nat who?
Nat’s who.
Who’s that?
That’s Nat!
Who’s Nat?
That’s who!

WHO is NAT? I hear you ask… good question. NAT is a 23-year-old going through an identity crisis, according to Wikipedia. She is a human being, although her name NAT is also the name for a tiny flying insect “GNAT”. But how can this be? Which is the real (G)NAT? And does this explain her ability to fly?

In her first solo stand up comedy show, Natalie Britten will explore the meaning of identity, as she reaches the quarter life crises that is her life.

Review quotes:

“From cute illustrations that muddle our genders to working out who is who if she was you and you were she, Natalie proves to be a very funny girl.” Rhum magazine.

“Obvious comic talent” – theatreview.

”Natalie Britten, shines and delights.” Funny Tonne

Showing In: Wellington

Dates: Tue 30 April – Sat 4 May, 8pm

Venue: Kitty O’Sheas, Wellington 

Tickets: Adults $16.00 | Conc. $12.00 | Groups $12.00 * service fees may apply


Show Duration:  1 hour  

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