Meteor Theatre, 1 Victoria Street, Hamilton

21/09/2012 - 23/09/2012

Hamilton Fringe 2012

Production Details

Three women share their way of conquering a ¼ life crisis. 

Honest monologues delivered by three 20 something year olds on the topics of ‘discovering yourself’, the ‘universal panacea of feminism’ and ‘all men are bastards’. 

Relating on a personal level and starring: Zoe Vaile, Georgia Casey and Natalie Sangster. 

Naughty Bad Girls 
Fri 21st, Sat 22nd, Sun 23rd September 6:30pm
Browsers Bookstore
Price: $15, $10  

Universality of personal angst resonates

Review by Brenda Rae Kidd 23rd Sep 2012

Three unimaginably cute 20’ish year-olds ruminate about the complexity of life for the modern day woman. Each delivers a monologue of their thoughts, wishes and hopes: so funny simply because they are true. Truth is funny.

I mean, aren’t we – women – able to manifest all that is desired of us at any given moment? Humble and virtuous, strong and feisty, sexual and kitten; all packaged in one neat trim body.

I wonder how the male members of the audience feel, actually, because at least we have a platform. It’s called humour. However, judging by their snorts of laughter, they know some things too.

Lucy, played by Natalie Sangster, is complex and neurotic. She flounders around in that all consuming pond of self-doubt.

Rhonda, (Zoe Vaile) is defiant as an all-conquering feminist.

Nick, (Georgia Casey) voluptuous, pouting, and vixen is pinning her hopes on ‘the right man’.

Browsers Bookstore as a venue is perfect.  To be surrounded by books is comforting while providing great acoustics. I would recommend to anyone a visit to Browsers should you find yourself in the Tron.

I do wonder about the Kiwi psyche, however: although I’m early, there are no seats free, other then those directly at the front. So it is not by choice I sit myself within coo-ee of the performers with notebook in hand.   Yet the actors are not fazed, they are truly professional, as it must have been rather distracting.

Their performances are excellent. Zoe Vaile as the feisty Rhonda shines. She has great comedic timing and strong delivery of voice.

Written in 1996 by New Zealand playwright Mel Johnstone, Naughty Bad Girls premiered at the Wellington Fringe Festival. This rendition, masterly directed by Sarah Knox, is a welcome addition to the Hamilton Fringe Festival line-up.

Different city, in a different decade, the subjects still resonate with the audience. Personal angst is a universal theme. There are plans afoot to perform the Auckland Fringe Festival so keep an eye out.

Great stuff indeed.


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