Allen Hall Theatre, University of Otago, Dunedin

23/08/2013 - 24/08/2013

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Hamish Annan, psychological illusionist  

“The secret to life is to enjoy the pleasure of being terribly, terribly deceived” – Oscar Wilde 

Something completely unique is coming to Dunedin this August. Oracle – Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast is a show in which psychological illusionist Hamish Annan combines magic, suggestion and psychology to perform seemingly impossible feats of mind reading and mentalism. 

“Although on the one hand none of what I do is ‘psychic’ in the traditional sense, it’s not hard science either,” says Hamish. His techniques are concerned with reading tiny unconscious signals from people, which betray their thoughts. These subtle techniques, both physical and psychological, can be used to manipulate the decision making process and thus control human behaviour. 

After the success of flagship show Paradox, which saw the largest audience numbers of any of the 30+ Hamilton Fringe Festival shows, Oracle once again sees Hamish join forces with co-writer Tim Snedden to create an experience with a completely new, more intimate and personal, format.

Unlike most stage magicians, Hamish has stripped away the large props, big curtains and scantily clad assistants, leaving a bare stage and, most importantly, nowhere to hide. Even so, he is able to create incredible effects with the audience. At the same time Hamish explains how everything works, which, frustratingly for an audience, adds even more entertainment to the mystery of the show, “Everything I do during the evening I do unaided. I’ve purposely chosen quite a big open space so you know there’s not anybody hiding, holding up things, or giving me any information. It’s just me and the audience, an exciting dynamic that can allow for the impossible to take place.” 

Hamish’s thoughts on the show: 

“We seem to be constantly limited by the beliefs that we create for ourselves in our minds, and I think at the core of the show is a celebration of breaking free of these boundaries and really letting people play with the constraints of their perspective.

“The performance will be something completely different to anything I’ve personally done before, and to what people will have ever seen in a theatre show. I don’t think I have been this excited about a show, Tim and I are really pushing the limits of what can be achieved. 

“Also, I must encourage you to get to the theatre as early as possible, as there are some very specific tasks you must do before the show can begin. Though I can’t say a lot about the content of the show, what I can say, without revealing too much, is that Oracle isn’t just the name of the show.” 

Previous Press:

“Magician will blow your mind… prepare to be tricked, puzzled and amazed.” – Jenna Lynch, Waikato Times 

“[the audience] found themselves totally sucked into thinking they had [the act] all worked out. His end twist caught us all out and left us wanting the show to go on.” – Campbell Forlong, Director of Agora Community Trust and Event Centre

Oracle – Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th August, 2013
8pm (Doors open 7.30pm)
Allen Hall Theatre, University of Otago
Tickets: $10 Student, $15 Adult
Tickets available at the door
Not suitable for children under 12 years

Clementine Flatley – Stage Manager
Audrey Morgan – Lighting Designer & Operator, Sound Operator
Daniel Goodwin – Assistant Stage Manager/Stagehand 

Wellingon City Council
Aotearoa Gaming Trust
Creative NZ
Waitematā Local Board