Orphans of Comedy

Happy (Cnr Tory & Vivian), Wellington

06/05/2009 - 09/05/2009

Comedy Underground, 305 Queen St, Auckland

19/05/2009 - 23/05/2009

NZ International Comedy Festival 2007-09, 2013

Production Details

Everyone loves an orphan, unless they’re eating a rat.

Jav Jarquin and Dan Bain are really good, it’s just no one knows it. Yet. At this year’s comedy festival look out for the only stand up show busting out of Christchurch: Orphans of Comedy.

The hungry coupling of Daniel Bain and Javier Jarquin are re-united (again and again it seems) after the success of their 2007 variety comedy show SHARP although this show will be something altogether different "last time with SHARP we played more off our physical skills and improv, this time it’s straight stand up, it’s a different strength we’d like to showcase" says Jarquin.

The duo are ready and rearing to perform after years of refining and honing their stand up craft "working a smaller comedy scene like Christchurch does have benefits" says Bain "You get more time on stage, more experience and the tougher nights that a small scene can bring hardens you and forces you to work more, we’re both stronger performers for it".

Make no mistake that these are small town enthusiasts, both men work as professional comedians and entertainers and regularly perform around the country "We’ve done more gigs together than I care to count" says Jarquin "however we’ve each found our own individual styles of comedy that are worlds apart which is great, if you put two similar comedians on one after the other then a show like this wouldn’t work".

As for the name of their show "as a comedian sometimes you feel abandoned to the big wide world" explains Bain "and because we’re pick pockets".

Guaranteed to include slick observations, abstract anecdotes and a twinkle in their eye, come down and adopt these orphans from a venue near you, before they become famous.

Dates:  6 – 9 May, 7pm
Venue:  HAPPY
Tickets:  $15 Conc. $12
Bookings:  0800 TICKETEK (0800 842 5385) www.ticketek.co.nz

Dates:  19 – 23 May, 7pm
Venue:  Comedy Underground
Tickets:  Adults: $15 Conc: $12
Bookings:  0800 TICKETEK (0800 842 5385) www.ticketek.co.nz

But would you take one home?

Review by Hannah Smith 07th May 2009

Why have they called this show Orphan’s of Comedy? The name implies that comedy is dead and what you see before you is all that is left – two young men from Christchurch who hold our only hope of laughter.

Dan Bain and Jav Jarquin arrive in Wellington fresh from their stint at the Auckland leg of the Comedy Festival, touring a set that is not so much a two-hander as two separate half hours of stand up.

Daniel Bain is first on the floor – based on an audience participatory stand off of Paper/ Rock/ Scissors – and he jumps in with great gusto.

Bain has a genuinely intellectual style of comedy.  Billing himself as an "abstract anecdotist", his jokes are cerebral and often original, however they are not always completely successful. Each idea could afford to be considered, matured, and played out a little longer – raising the stakes so that the punch line actually punches. Too often that the audience has to hear the comedian’s own laugh before they realise the gagline had been delivered.  

A more grounded physicality might help delivery also, and allow his musings on morality and the seven deadly sins and their modern counterparts to be shown for the clever and inventive flights of fancy that they are.

Conversely Jav Jarquin, the second orphan to take to the stage, stays within safe boundaries.   His content is tried and true (text language, animals, men versus women and how they communicate) and his delivery is spot on. 

A confident and charismatic performer with a calm and natural stage presence Jarquin’s routine flows from observation to anecdote informed by a palpable understanding of where his audience sits in relation to his material.  He assumes voices and characters with ease, his jokes are distinct entities that segue smoothly into one another; all in all his set is tight, cohesive and extremely well executed.

Both Bain and Jarquin hail from Christchurch where they work as professional comedians and entertainers.  This is obvious from the ease with which they work the intimate and unwieldy venue that is Happy, engaging with the audience and incorporating them as live factors into their performance.  However I do not know if said audience would have adopted these orphans and taken them home.
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Javier Jarquin May 7th, 2009

Hi there, just a few corrections.

  • We haven't been to Auckland yet, we started our tour in Christchurch.
  • Our Wellington tour leg runs at Happy bar from 6-9 May.
  • The Auckland details in the title are correct, just a bit soon.


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