Parris Goebel presents Murder on the Dance Floor

Vodafone Events Centre, Manukau, Auckland

06/06/2013 - 07/06/2013

Production Details

Fresh from working in the “Michael Jackson ONE” show with Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, hip hop royalty and international choreographer Parris Goebel returns home to create a stunning production “Murder on the Dance Floor!”

Inspired by her recent works, “Murder On the Dance Floor” will be one of her most exciting and creative productions to date — a theatrical adventure that will promise to electrify the audience.

Come and see the creation of New Zealand’s number one hip hop choreographer. A show that will leave you on the edge of your seat.


General Admission

Start time: 7.30pm
Finish Time: 9.10pm

Entrance: Gate 1. Parking: Northern Carpark. $4.50 Pay and Display. Liquor Ban Zone in all external areas.

Dancers from The Palace Dance Studio’s; ‘Royal Family’, ‘Bubblegum Dance Crew’ and ‘Sorority Dance Crew’.

Guest performers Josh, Andrew, and Richie Cesan from Identity Dance Crew.

Parris Goebel (Miss Peacock); Lance Savali (Mayor Plum) and Shyvon Campbell (his wife); Oriana Whaiapu (Miss Scarlett); Althea Strydom (Mayor Plum’s daughter) and Jay Cee Cook (Bell Boy)

1hr 40mins

Street dance takes a big step up

Review by Kat Walker 07th Jun 2013

Murder on the Dance Floor is a street-dance based production choreographed and produced by Parris Goebel. It is fun, engaging, entertaining and emotive – all in one. The cast consists of dancers from The Palace Dance Studio’s; ‘Royal Family’, ‘Bubblegum Dance Crew’ and ‘Sorority Dance Crew’. Also featured are the electrifying guest performers Josh, Andrew, and Richie Cesan from Identity Dance Crew. The ‘Who dunnit?’ theme of the show, character names, and scene locations are loosely based around the board game ‘Cluedo’. However the full setting, provided in the programme, is ‘Feathersby Town’ where Mayor Plum (Lance Savali) and his wife (Shyvon Campbell) have invited guests to a charity ball held at the ‘Royal Towers hotel’. It is at this hotel that a killer is on the loose, and murder and mischief unfolds.

The evening starts by sitting in the Vodafone Event’s Centre theatre with a programme and voting slip (which comes into play in intermission) in hand. Music provides such an ambient atmosphere that when the curtains open to reveal the setting of the ‘Royal Towers Hotel’ lobby; you already feel like you are there. The opening scene provides an introduction to the hotel workers, central characters and subtle sub-plots. This scene had me smiling from ear to ear for its entirety. From the moment of introduction each character grabs you and never breaks hold; they take you through the entire journey with them and never give you a moment to question who they are.

Ten scenes later you have been thoroughly introduced to all the characters and their issues, been to a tea party, a press conference, an interrogation, and witnessed an affair and a murder. All of which are presented both creatively and intelligently through street dance choreography. There is also enough change in dynamic and mood to keep you on your toes, although the length of the press conference did lose a bit of its punch. Music choice is excellent and easy on the ears. The set changes are effortless thanks to the cast of the ‘Feathersby workers’ who managed to blend performance and the task at hand with style.

Intermission came and provided the chance to vote on who the murderer could be. The discussion amongst the audience highlighted how invested they had become in the plot line. Accusations ran high and were muttered out loud: “it’s always the quiet ones!”  Given what you have witnessed of the storyline at this point, it truly could be anyone! I won’t tell you what my guess was, but I will tell you I was wrong!

The final half continued to engage and invoke suspicions with 9 more acts. A highlight of this half of the show is a beautiful duet performed by Althea Strydom (Mayor Plum’s daughter) and Jay Cee Cook (Bell Boy), set to the backdrop of dancers swaying umbrellas in the rain. Another murder takes place shortly after and the tragedy is absorbed by three central female characters who demonstrate a wonderful sense of release through their movement in a street dance- contemporary-fusion styled piece. The murderer strikes again after an elegant partner dance at the charity ball. The end of the show sees the plot unfold, where an arrest is made, and the murderer is presented with a slight yet exciting twist.

Though a few times some sub-plot lines become hazy; the talented dancers, well-structured lighting design, interesting use of choreography, great costumes, strong characters, and light hearted lip-synching builds a strong and entertaining show with so much to take in. Absolute stand out performances throughout by the strong and sharp Lance Savali (Mayor Plum), the captivating and seductive Oriana Whaiapu (Miss Scarlett), and the effervescent and skilful Parris Goebel (Miss Peacock). The skill and high calibre of the dancers and choreography, and the synergy that exists between the two, is so captivating you can literally sit back and absorb the show. Overall Murder on the Dance Floor took a big step up for street dance on stage in New Zealand.


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